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With the latest Wireless AC, the FRITZ!Box 7490 achieves spectacular gigabit speeds of up to 1300 Mbit/s in the wireless home network. Three independent data streams
(3 x 3 MIMO) provide excellent accessibility and high throughput over greater distances.
FRITZ!Box 7490 comes with the latest hardware architecture, featuring technological highlights such as vectoring and high-performance routing for an even faster Internet connection. Gigabit LAN at lightning speed and fast USB 3.0/2.0 round out the high-speed network.
With the integrated telephone system including a DECT base station, plus an answering machine and fax function, every communication wish is fulfilled. The powerful media server streams images, videos and music throughout the entire home network, no matter whether the data are stored locally or in the cloud.
Equipped with all of the comprehensive FRITZ!OS features, the FRITZ!Box 7490 is the perfect hub for Smart Home applications.
Highlights at a Glance
FRITZ!Box 7490
VDSL and ADSL2+ router with support for vectoring
Dual Wireless AC + N with 1300 (5 GHz) +
450 Mbit/s (2.4 GHz) simultaneously
Telephone system for ISDN, IP and analog including answering machine and fax function
DECT base station for up to 6 cordless telephones x gigabit LAN for PC, game consoles, and more x USB 3.0/2.0 port for printers and storage media (NAS)
Media server for music, pictures, and video in the home network
NAS functionality (FTP, SMB, UPnP AV)
FRITZ!OS with MyFRITZ!, FRITZ!App, Smart Home functions, cloud contacts and more
High-performance routing even for operation with cable or glass fiber modems
Simple configuration over the browser interface
Complete High-Speed Networking in the Home fritzbox.eu

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