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Caution: Signals large enough to trigger any of the limiters can generate very high sound pressure levels that may result in permanent hearing damage.
Over Current
In the event of a large audio input signal that might damage the amplifiers or power supply due to current overload, the power supply is designed to enter into Over Current protect mode. This state typically results from a large, broadband input signal burst that flat lines the limiters on all four channels simultaneously. While the fault persists the amplifier power rails shutdown, the speaker goes quiet, and the front panel LED turns red. Once the audio input signal is turned down the speaker should reboot within a few seconds. If the speaker fails to reboot or the LED light goes out completely, disconnect the audio input cable and power cycle the speaker. Verify the signal level is attenuated before reconnecting audio input cable.
Caution: Signals that cause Over Current protection to trigger can generate very high sound pressure levels that may result in permanent hearing damage.
6. Positioning
The acoustic center of the MiniMain12 is located at the center of the tweeter. The MM is designed to work equally well as a nearfield, midfield or far-field monitor. The minimum recommended listening distance is 1 meter (39.4”). While speaker positioning can be highly room dependent, a good starting point is to create an equilateral triangle between the two speakers and the listening position. The speakers should be angled inward approximately 30 degrees so the tweeter axes aim towards the listener’s ears, crossing a few inches behind the head. The speakers should be arranged symmetrically with the midrange drivers oriented to the outsides or insides of both speakers.
Soffit mounting the MiniMain12 is not recommended .

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