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Technical Support and Service

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Technical Support and Service

For warranty service and assistance, contact the original authorized dealer/distributor to arrange for return and/
or repair of the product. Barefoot Sound will strive to satisfy all service requests in the fastest manner possible. Under the warranty, Barefoot Sound will repair, or at its discretion, replace the product at no charge, provided it is returned (postage paid) to an authorized Barefoot Sound service center. Any shipping or duties incurred are the customer’s responsibility. Products should be returned suitably packaged to protect from shipping damage, or in their original packaging. Barefoot Sound shall be the sole and final authority to determine the validity of all warranty issues. All non-warranty repairs for current products will be charged according to the service repair pricing schedule. Repair prices will either be based on a flat fee for repair or replacement, or will be estimated depending on the repair deemed necessary.
11. Handle Attachment
A second pair of hands is helpful for attaching the optional handles. There are two handle plate types, one for the top half of the cabinet and one for the bottom. Seethe drawing on page 13 for the correct orientations. Align the handle holes with the cabinet holes. Hold the handle in place and insert the supplied 5/16-18 bolts with washers. The supplied ratchet wrench has a double sided hex bit attached. Insert one end of the bit to tighten the bolts. The other end will loosen. Find the correct orientation of the wrench and tighten the bolts until they are snug. Do not over tighten!

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