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Here’s why:
City distribution is always a challenge. Crowded streets, narrow alleys and many stops. With the Volvo FL you will always be in control as well as benefit from the best commercial advantage available. Developed and adapted specifically for the inner city environment, with uptime, productivity, safety, visibility and manoeuvrability at its core, the Volvo FL truck will provide you with the upper hand. And with Volvo as your business partner, with the wide range of reliable services, you can enjoy a tailor-made transport solution perfectly fitted for your needs. Light, nimble, reliable, efficient, easy. In short – The Volvo FL.
Early mornings, late at night. Orin the middle of a busy work-day.
Easy to own, easy to drive.
The Volvo FL is hassle-free ownership where you decide how much you want to get involved. If you want to, you’ll only do the actual driving – our services and support will take care of the rest.
Power and engineering.
Whether you choose a 4- or cylinder engine, the Volvo FL will provide ample power and performance. And electrical systems, transmission and technology to match.
Volvo FL with
4×4 drive.
Now you can choose Volvo FL with four- wheel drive. Agile and easy to drive like the 4×2 version, but with better traction and more ground clearance. Read more on page 14.
Peace of mind.
How do the service intervals look Where can I get advice on lowering my fuel consumption Can I lease my truck For the Volvo FL owner, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding a tailor- made solution that fits your specific needs tonnes Volvo FL.
When you’re looking fora small, handy truck for urban city distribution there’s the 10 tonnes Volvo FL. Seethe model combinations on page 32.
Alternative fuels.
Now you can choose an engine that can run on fossil free fuel, so called “biodiesel”. The options are HVO EN (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils) on all engines RME (Rapeseed oil Methyl Esters) for 240 hp only.
Both options reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases dramatically. Read more on page 9.
Care for the environment.
Volvo’s work with sustainability and alternative drivelines is at the forefront of the truck industry. And this goes for our work with fuel saving as well. Because every drop counts.
Long days in the cab. In and out, while making deliveries. Therefore comfort and ergonomics are of utmost importance. For you as a driver, as well as for us.
At the core of every Volvo product is our paramount work with safety. Ina Volvo FL, you’ll always be surrounded by the latest and the very best in safety thinking 2
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Parcel & post
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Volvo engine range
Sweeper & cleaning
Waste & recycling
Active safety
Passive safety
Public services
Transmission and brakes
Volvo’s total offer
Gearboxesrigid axle configurations

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