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C.3 Oxygen Sensor Voltage
Typical displays to view OS voltage are either 001–004 (basic) or 026/033. You may see some combination of the following parameters:














These parameters indicate the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas. High oxygen levels indicate a lean air/fuel mixture, while low oxygen levels indicate a rich air/fuel mixture. When the O2Ss are at operating temperature and the system is operating in closed loop, the ECM constantly adjusts the air/fuel mixture to achieve a 14.7:1 ratio. The ECM uses OS signals to determine how rich or lean the engine is running and to correct the mixture.
C.4 Early Vehicle Oxygen Sensor Reading
Many early vehicles, model years 1990–93, with limited display groups may not read OS or O control. However, you can use Expert Mode and select display group 000. O2V reads in binary

Fuel Control Learning Adaptation Values
Late Model Oxygen Sensor Reading
format (0–255). There is no consistency, but Channel 5 often reads the O signal. Look for this number to be constantly varying up and down by at least 14 digits. If Channel 5 is not active, it maybe an application that only displays an O short term FT factor. In this case, check channel 4. The O control factor will also output a binary 0–255 number with 128 as the midpoint. Numbers less than 128 indicate a rich mixture correction. Numbers higher than 128 indicate a lean mixture correction. Look for fast fluctuations at different RPM and load conditions which indicate an active OS (use DVOM to test OS directly. Above is for those vehicles with display group 000 only. On vehicles with additional display groups but still not displaying O2V directly, look at the O Factor which reads 1.0 as the base point. Higher numbers indicate correction fora mixture too lean and lower numbers indicate a correction fora mixture too rich. Atypical normal range is 1.0 The following sections are display examples for late model OBD-II OS and CAT tests.
C.4.1 Example Motronic 2.9 (1993–1995)
The following example concerns reading engine data display Group Display group 000 has 10 channels or display fields, listed below.
Coolant temperature
Engine load
O2 factor
Idle Adapt

Safety message conventions
Safety information
Chapter 2: introduction. 3
Table of contents
Appendix b troubleshooting ............................................................................................... 154
Appendix c fuel control learning adaptation values ...................................................... 157
Chapter 3operations
Identify the vehicle by entering vin digits
Ber: unknown at this time.bev
Bek: unknown at this time.1.9l tdibew
Aeb, atw, aug, awm
Ayh: unknown at this time.bkw
Aha, atq: on the block in front of the right cylinder head.aha only
Awn: unknown at this time.bbd
Bas: on the right-hand side at the rear of the cylinder head.bcy
Amb: unknown at this time.bkb
Automatic transmission
Manual transmission
To select a system for testing:
To access a demonstration:
Select the expert mode function
Expert modeusing expert mode
To perform an automatic system test:
Using expert mode
Note the following regarding control module coding:
Display group number
Example 1: 2002 vw jetta drive-by-wire, bosch me 7.5 control system
Example 4: late model motronic 7.5
Expert modetesting in expert mode
Chapter 5testing
Testingtesting engine systems
Data groups displays data in diagnostic groups to make problem solving easier.•
To display data groups:
To run actuator tests:
Warningrisk of erratic vehicle response.•
Functional test menu > basic settings
Expert mode > engine management master > basic setting
Body adaptation).
Ignition timing.
Basic settings and fuel trim accelerated learning
Crankshaft sensor wheel learning.
To reset the service light:
Pre-set functions
Read, set/reset functions
Transmissiontransmission features
Table 5-7 transmission types and system descriptions (part 2 of 4)transmission
Table 5-7 transmission types and system descriptions (part 3 of 4)transmission
Table 5-7 transmission types and system descriptions (part 4 of 4)transmission
Part numbervin
Testingtesting transmission systems
Kickdown function.
Fail-safe functions of the tcm
Fail-safe mode with active control module
Emergency operation 2
Testingtesting electronic throttle systems
What should i do if i get pedal position faults?
Throttle position sensor (v) ______________________________________ 4.380
Adaptation status ok
Throttle valve angle (degrees) ________________________________________ 2
Epc indicator light operation
Testingtesting abs systems
Throttle valve angle sns 2 (%) _______________________________________ 11
Abs systemscodes
Testingtesting immobilizer systems
Immobilizer ii engine control module replacement adaptation
Key coding (adaptation)
Immobilizer iii engine control module replacement adaptation
Immobilizer ii and iii adaptation remote key programming
To match ignition keys to radio frequency remote control:
Important tips for setting immobilizer adaptations
Passat, new beetle, new jetta, new golf
How do you tell if you have an immobilizer?
What does the scan tool do on immobilizer ii?
Electronic instrument panel, type a
Electronic instrument panel, type b
Electronic instrument panel, type c
Testingtesting electronic instrument panel systems
Electronic instrument panel, type f
Electronic instrument panel, type g
Electronic instrument panel, type h
Electronic instrument panel, type i
Electronic instrument panel, type k
Note the following when working on srs systems:
Testingtesting can data bus systems
Prioritycontrol unit
Chapter 6data parameters
Input or feedback parameters
Data parameters
A/c compressor off)
A/c switch ___________________________________________________ (range on/off)
Accel.pedal position sns 1(%)
Adaptation error ___________________________________________ (range yes/no)
Adp eng speed sensor(crown gear) __________________ (range io or running)
Adp stopped(time exceeded) _________________________________ (range yes/no)
Adp value canp system __________________________________ (range not available)
Adp value mixture(bank1)(%)
Air divert valve _____________________________________________ (range on/off)
Alternator defect __________________________________________ (range yes/no)
Ambient temperature(°c/°f) ______________________________ (range not available)
Base value throttle adjuster __________________________ (range not available)
Battery(v) _______________________________________________ (range not available)
Battery voltage too low ___________________________________ (range yes/no)
Brake pedal switch range open/closed)
Camshaft position(bank 2)(°)_____________________________ (range not available)
Canp flush ________________________________________________ (range 0 to 100%)
Canp valve closed __________________________________________ (range yes/no)
Canp valve on min mode _____________________________________ (range yes/no)
Catalyst temperature(°c/f) _____________________________ (range not available)
Clutch pedal pressed ______________________________________ (range yes/no)
Control value mixture(%)
Coolant temperature >80°c _________________________________ (range yes/no)
Ctrl value mixture/o2(%) ________________________________ (range not available)
Current consumption iac(a)_____________________________ (range not available)
Deceleration enleanment ______________________________ (range not available)
Duty cycle iac(%)________________________________________ (range not available)
Engine load) __________________________________________ (range not available)
Engine load(v)___________________________________________ (range not available)
Engine load(actual)(nm) ________________________________ (range not available)
Engine load(before corr)(ms) ___________________________ (range not available)
Engine speed(rpm) _______________________________________ (range not available)
Engine speed(idle)(rpm)__________________________________ (range not available)
Fuel low ________________________________________________ (range not available)
Iac integrator __________________________________________ (range not available)
Idle speed(actual)(rpm) _________________________________ (range not available)
Idle speed switch closed ___________________________________ (range yes/no)
Ign rtd by knock(°)
Ign rtd by tcs-ecu(cold)(°) ______________________________ (range not available)
Ign rtd w/o knock & w/o isc(°)____________________________ (range not available)
Increased idle speed with ac on ____________________________ (range yes/no)
Injection time(ms) _______________________________________ (range not available)
Intake manifold pressure) ____________________________ (range not available)
Isc(reaction to malfunction) ___________________________ (range not available)
Knock ctrl(°) ____________________________________________ (range not available)
Learn injection time(ms)_________________________________ (range not available)
Learn range o idle
Learn value air mass idle) range see description)
Learn value idle speed(p/n) _____________________________ (range not available)
Learn value isc(at ind (range not available)
Learn value maf-sensor ________________________________ (range not available)
Learn value mixture(adaptive) __________________________ (range not available)
Learn value mixture(adp)(ms) ___________________________ (range not available)
Learn value mixture(canp act) _______________________ (range not available)
Learn value mixture corr ______________________________ (range not available)
Learn value mixture corr) ____________________________ (range not available)
Learn value mixture corr(ms) ___________________________ (range not available)
Learn value o2(actual)(bk1)(%)
Learn value o2(bk1)(%)
Learn value o2(full)
Learn value o2(idle)(%)
Learn value o2(idle)(ms) _________________________________ (range not available)
Learn value tps _________________________________________ (range not available)
Limited operation(limp) ______________________________________ (range yes/no)
Maf isc trim) __________________________________________ (range not available)
Map(%) ___________________________________________________ (range not available)
Map-controlled idle speed _____________________________ (range not available)
Mass air flow(v)_________________________________________ (range not available)
Mass air flow(desired)(g/s) ______________________________ (range not available)
Min value thr adjuster (range not available)
Mixture __________________________________________________ (range rich/lean)
Mixture correction _____________________________________ (range not available)
Mixture correction) __________________________________ (range not available)
Mode hall-reference signal ____________________________ (range not available)
O2 control mode _________________________________ (range active/not active)
O2 corr(canp activated) ______________________________ (range not available)
O2 ctrl & act(bank 1)(%)
O2 ctrl factor(bank 1)
O2 ctrl ready _______________________________________________ (range yes/no)
O2 loop closed (range yes/no)
Factory data name
O2 regulation active ________________________________________ (range yes/no)
O2 sensor(v)o2 sensor 1(v)
O2 sensor heater after cat _________________________________ (range on/off)
O2 value _________________________________________________ (range not available)
O2 value(actual)(%)
Part load detected _________________________________________ (range yes/no)
Relative air mass) _____________________________________ (range not available)
Retarding steps (range not available)
Secondary air mass(g/s) _________________________________ (range not available)
Slide valve sensor(min)(v) _______________________________ (range not available)
Start of delivery(desired)(°) ____________________________ (range not available)
Thr adj sensor, min lrn ok/exec_____________________________ (range yes/no)
Thr valve adjuster angle(v) ____________________________ (range not available)
Throttle valve adjuster(v) _____________________________ (range not available)
Throttle valve position) ______________________________ (range not available)
Time counter 2 __________________________________________ (range not available)
Torque(desired)(nm)_____________________________________ (range not available)
Torque reduction(nm)
Tps, min lrn ok/exec _________________________________________ (range yes/no)
Vehicle speed ctrl __________________________________ (range tacho/speedo)
Warm up cat) __________________________________________ (range not available)
Battery voltage below v __________________________________ (range yes/no)
Coolant temperature) _________________________________ (range not available)
Coolant tmp >70°c/or air temp >5°c __________________________ (range yes/no)
Fuel cons. aux heater(l/h) _______________________________ (range not available)
Glow time(s) _____________________________________________ (range not available)
Inj diff cyl 1 to 3(mg/s)
Inj quantity(driver)(mg/s)
Maf 2(mg/s)_______________________________________________ (range not available)
Mass air flow(desired)(ms/s)
Rel.heat low ________________________________________________ (range yes/no)
Start quantity(mg/s) ____________________________________ (range not available)
Actual selected gear ______________________________________ (range variable)
A/t___________________________________________________________ (range yes/no)
A/t output(rpm)____________________________________ (range 0 to maximum rpm)
Battery voltage _____________________________________ (range 9.0 to 16.0 volts)
Table 6-3 transmission input speedgear
Kickdown switch ____________________________________________ (range on/off)
Lock-up slip ________________________________________________ (range 0 to 99%)
Lock-up slip ________________________________________________ (range 0 to stall)
Required solenoid #4
Solenoid #1solenoid #2
Gearsv 1 (n88)
Sport factor) ___________________________________________ (range 0 to 100%)
Throttle valve position(v) range v to 4.680v)
Vehicle speed sensor(v)_________________________________ (range 2.20 to 2.52v)
Adaptation of start-from-stop behavior forward (range adp ok/running)
Gear selected range h to m +/–)
Torque converter slip speed (range 0 to stall speed)
Tcs switch __________________________________________________ (range on/off)
Note the following regarding communication problems with vw/audi vehicles:
The aftermarket radio problem
To test this problem without a voltmeter:
Figure b back of premium vi radioi
Additive for idle adaptation.•
Fuel control learning adaptation values
C.1.3 examples of display groups for long term ft adaptive value
C.5.1 oxygen sensor aging test
Display group
Cchecking for codes (test drive) coding and programmingvw 1996–99 mechanical keys 80d

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