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Valore Fitness Tracker (VHA-14)
Thank you for purchasing the Valore Fitness Tracker Calorie counter Distance monitor Heart rate monitor Text and call notification display Step counter Daily statistics that can be synced to the app with easy-to-read history charts
Please read the user manual thoroughly before using your Fitness Tracker.
Note: The data collected on the fitness tracker is not for medical usage.
Package Contents:
Battery type Rechargeable 130mAh Lithium battery Dimensions (L x W x H 260 xx mm Material ABS + Silicone Weight 25g
Fitness tracker Purple strap Blue strap Display
② Touch function key
③ Sensor
④ USB charging adaptor

Pullout the right side strap

Plug into the USB port
Time & Date
Calorie counter
Long press to switch
screen light up mode
Long press to change
screen orientation
Bluetooth connective
Long press to start
Heart rate monitor
1) Charging the fitness tracker
Remove the strap from the end of the touch function key. Directly insert USB to a USB port to charge. The battery charging icon will will appear when charging.
2) Functions

3) Real-time heart rate monitoring
000 000 082
Long press touch function key for 2 seconds to start/stop
real time heart rate monitoring.
Heart rate data will display after 20 seconds.
Real time heart rate data display

4) Pairing the fitness tracker
Scan the QR code to download the application (HPlus Watch) on respective mobile device.
a) Switch on Bluetooth function of mobile device b) Launch the HPlus Watch application c) Under Settings, click on Bluetooth and connect to “VHA-14”
After pairing is successful, set the application function and user info to your convenience.
5) Application
a) Dashboard Check data of today, yesterday and summary.
b) Real time HR Everytime your heart rate is tested, data will be saved here.
c) Settings Bluetooth Sync Click to sync data from fitness tracker Notifications Text and call notification display
(Text messages shown on iOS devices only Alarm Set alarm or reminder Do some exercise Reminder to keep you moving Screen save time Set the screen time of the fitness tracker All day HR When switch on, heart rate will be tested every 10 minutes Erase user data Erase data on fitness tracker
6) Reset to factory setting
On fitness tracker, short press the touch function key until you get to the Bluetooth information screen. Press and hold the touch function key until “VHA-14” appears. Do not let goof the key when screen displays Goodbye and “Welcome”.

For Technical Support, email us at v.info@valore.sg.
For Warranty Registration, visit www.valore.sg.
Read all the instructions and warnings carefully prior to using this product. Do not attempt to replace battery or open the enclosure or disammble this product. Doing so will void the warranty and can result in safety hazard.
• Do not store the fitness tracker in a high temperature environment. Do not place the fitness tracker near afire or other excessively hot environments.
• Do not expose this fitness tracker to moisture or submerge it in liquid. Keep fitness tracker dry at all times.
• Do not disassemble this fitness tracker or attempt to repair or modify it in any manner.
• Be cautious of excessive drops, bumps, abrasions or other impacts to this fitness tracker. If there is any damage to the fitness tracker such as dents, punctures, tears, deformities or corrosion, stop using the fitness tracker and contact us immediately via email at v.info@valore.sg, or return this product to the store where you have purchased it from. If the product produces an abnormal smell, high temperature (low temperature during normal use, discolours or changes shape abnormally, stop using the product and contact us immediately via email at v.info@valore.sg.
All information, trademarks, logos, graphics, and images (Materials) provided on this user manual are copyrighted or trademarked and are the property of Challenger Technologies Limited. Any unauthorized use of any material contained on the instruction manual may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, laws of privacy and communications statutes.
The trademarks, service marks and logos used and displayed in the Materials are registered and unregistered trademarks and service marks of Valore and others. All other registered and unregistered company names, product names and marks mentioned herein the (Materials) are the property of their respective owners and maybe trademarks or registered trademarks.
Inspired by Valore Singapore
For full range of Valore products visit www.valore.sg

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