User’s manual sitGo™ Collapsible Rear Leg Support Dog Wheelchair

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5. To adjust Rubber Stopper and setting L-Bracket angle. Slightly loosen the nut between the L-bracket and the Rubber
Stopper bar. The L-bracket should be loose enough to be moved but not loose enough slide on its own. Adjust the angle by moving the L-bracket and the wheel mounting bar until the angle between them is 135 degrees. Re-tighten the nut carefully, make sure not to move the position of the L-bracket. You can use the rubber stopper bar to keep the
L-bracket from moving while you tighten the nut.
5.4. Make sure that the rubber stopper bar can move freely without excessive play.
HINT: If the Angle Bracket keeps moving away from its intended position when you tighten the nut, adjust the Angle Bracket a bit off your intended position so that when you tighten the nut the Angle Bar will move slightly to the intended position.

6.1. The SitGo’s collapsible setting is locked when shipped from the factory. Once you have adjusted it to your pet’s size and once your pet has acclimated to using a wheelchair, you can adjust or completely remove the bolt shown above to activate the
SitGo’s collapsible feature. Please note that the spring tension will need to be adjusted for the weight of your pet (see number 7 of this section.
6.2. To release the SitGo function from its non-collapsible setting to the collapsible setting, loosen the number 3 screw indicated in the picture above until you are able to collapse the wheelchair all the way down. To switch the SitGo function to different settings

6.3. To return the SitGo function from the collapsible to the non- collapsible setting, while the wheelchair is fully upright fully tighten the number 3 screw indicated in the picture above then fully tighten the jam nut. A longer 10-24 bolt maybe used if needed. They maybe placed on either side of the bracket.
6.4. To allow the wheelchair to collapse but stop it from going back to its full upright position, tighten the number 2 screw indicated in the picture above. This setting can be used in conjunction with setting the wheelchair height if your pet is still too high for the wheelchair.
7.1. Hold onto the Spring Adjuster to keep it from moving.
7. To adjust for the weight of the pet. Loosen the setscrew on the Spring Adjuster.
Rotate backward and downward
Spring Adjuster
Socket Screw
Rotate backward and downward
Spring Adjuster
Socket Screw

Hint: One method of doing this is to initially set the Spring Adjuster to a very high tension position. Then slowly adjust the tension lower while having your pet try using the wheelchair at each adjustment until you find the right tension for your pet.
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