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Installation tips
Battery operation time and discharged
battery indication
Auraton 200 TRA should be places in the same room with the head and the radiator. It should not be placed near the radiator, on doors, or in places exposed to sunlight. The head, on the other hand, should be installed on the radiator insert not more than 20 cm away from the radiator. In nearly all cases this requirement is met because radiator manufacturers integrate inserts with radiators. If the head is located away from the radiator (the radiator does not heat the head directly, adjustment of temperature is less dynamic. As a result, temperature fluctuations in the room maybe larger. On the other hand, the
Auraton TRA head maybe installed on inserts located at the bottom of the radiator (e.g. in the case popular ladder type bathroom radiators).
The declared time of operation with one set of AAA alkaline batteries is one year. Discharged batteries do not affect adjustment of temperature. The head indicates low battery status by blinking the LED twice every 8 s. Also, when the battery becomes even more discharged, the head starts emitting two beeps every 8 minutes. In order to switch off the beeping for 1 day, press any key on the Auraton 200 TRA controlled paired with the head or lift the head flap for 2 sand reinstall it.

User’s manual
Frostguard function
Fixing the controller to the wall
Starting the controller for the first time
Note: when pressing any function key for the first time, the backlight
Description of the auraton tra head
Communication between the head
Signaling after startup of the head

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