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Ultra-Light Rollator Features

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Ultra-Light Rollator Features
Congratulations on purchasing one of the most durable rollators made anywhere. With proper assembly the rollator will provide years of great performance.
• Weighs only 11 lbs Height adjustable (junior-standard) Removable nylon carryall Bag Handbrakes lock for safety
• 5.5” wheels for smooth ride Swivel front wheel for easy maneuvering

Rollator Components
Figure 1
Assembled Ultra-Light Rollator
A. Hand Grips
B. Hand Brake Lock
C. Padded Seat
D. Padded Backrest
E. Triangular Hand Screw
F. 5.5” Front Wheels
G. Folding Hinge
H. 5.5” Rear Wheels
I. Brake Cable
Figure 2
Triangular Hand Screw
Figure 3
Hand Brakes

Safety Instructions
To ensure your safety in using the Medline rollator, the following safety information and all instructions must be followed.
DO NOT use this product without first reading and understanding the instructions contained in this booklet. If you are unable to understand the warnings, cautions, or instructions, contact a health- care professional, dealer, or technical personnel before use—otherwise serious bodily injury and damage may occur.
• Consult with your doctor, physical, or occupational therapist or other qualified professional regarding the proper height adjustment for maximum support and correct brake activation.
• Rollators are for individual use only and are NOT to be used as a wheelchair.
DO NOT attempt to push the rollator while someone is sitting on the seat.
DO NOT self-propel the rollator while seated.
• Serious injury to the user and/or damage to the rollator walker frame or wheels may result from improper use.
DO NOT use the seat to transport people or objects. DO NOT use the seat to carry or move anything.
DO NOT sit on the rollator while it is being loaded into a vehicle or while it is being transported in a vehicle.
DO NOT exceed the maximum weight capacity (including bag contents) or serious injury could result Handles: 250 lbs, Seat 250 lbs. maximum at a time.
• Before each use make sure the rollator frame is fully opened and in a stable position. Check the brakes for proper operation. Make sure that all parts are secure and that moving parts are in good working order.
• All wheels must be in contact with the floor at ALL TIMES. This will ensure the rollator is properly balanced.
DO NOT hang anything from the rollator handles or frame (other than the Medline provided bag the position described. This may cause the rollator to tip, resulting in bodily injury or rollator damage.
The seat MUST be in the DOWN position when using the rollator for ambulatory assistance.
DO NOT use the seat without the backrest in place. Falls are possible if the user leans or slides backward on the seat. The brakes MUST be in the locked position BEFORE using the seat.
• When using the rollator in a stationary position, the handbrakes MUST be LOCKED.
DO NOT sit on the seat when the rollator is on an incline.
DO NOT use the rollator to walk backwards down gradients or to clime stairs, curbs, or to go over obstacles. Serious risk of fall or injury may occur.
DO NOT perform any adjustments to the rollator while it is in use.
• Only use accessories and spare parts authorized by Medline Industries, Inc.
DO NOT push rollator while brakes are in use. Brakes are used to keep the rollator from rolling.

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