Urban Delivery Centre (udc) in Beaugrenelle, central Paris, France

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Urban Delivery Centre (UDC) in Beaugrenelle, central Paris, France
Freight consolidation and transhipment, Implementation of low emission technologies, Innovative vehicles and equipment, BB solutions,
cooperation, priorities on infrastructure and in nodes, BC solutions , spatial planning
Beaugrenelle UDC is located in central Paris, and dedicated to
the operations of the French parcels delivery service provider
Chronopost. The UDC is located close to final customers, and is
supplied from a major hub located south of Paris. The UDC
operation is intended to reduce delivery distances (as longer stem
distances are removed from delivery operations, air pollution and
(the expected reduction in CO
is approximately 80%), while
at the same time improving the express parcels service offered.
The automation of the operations implemented at the UDC
reduces the manual handling requirements and improves safety.

Less km travelled in the city : The UDC is close to delivery
addresses and reduces unproductive stem distances

Environmental benefits Chronopost hopes that this UDC will
allow an 80% reduction in CO
emissions with full-electric
vans used for last-mile delivery

The automation of the UDC operation allows a reduction in
manual handling and improves safety

Customers benefit from improved quality of service, reduced
congestion and emissions
In the UDC, which started operation in 2013, parcels are
received from the Chronopost hub located 20 km south of
Paris. These parcels are unloaded by means of a conveyor
belt, sorted and then loaded onto electric vans for final
delivery to customers.
Paris is a congested city and the main objective that led to
the introduction of this UDC was the reduction of vehicle
kilometres in the city. Prior to the introduction of the UDC,
the parcels were delivered directly to customers using
diesel vans and trucks from the major hub to the south of
Paris, resulting in many long, unproductive journeys to and
from central Paris.
The UDC has two floors, and parcels are unloaded on
both levels by means of a conveyor belt. Parcels are sorted
and then loaded onto electric vans for 30 delivery rounds,
which operate each weekday.
The vehicles used for deliveries are full electric vans below
3.5t Gross Vehicle Weight

Goupil electric van (Volume capacity 5 m

MUSES ‘Mooville’ electric van

Renault Kangoo electric

Chronocity, a mini container moved on an electric

• The UDC in Beaugrenelle (central Paris) has been designed to
fit into the surrounding area, to achieve high standards of safety
and environmental performance and to create anew
employment activity at the heart of Paris.
• Competitive logistics and transport system
Acceptance and influence
• Increased efficiency / productivity of logistics processes
• Increased quality
• Reduced emissions
NºCL1-135 NAME OF CASE Keywords Case Logo or Picture Description Benefits Success Factors Supported Strategic Targets Starting Point/Objectives/Motivation:

Technical details of the UDC:
The UDC building has a surface area of 3,027 m distributed

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