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UCI Sailing Program CAPRI 14 Instructional Manual

UCI Sailing Program
University of California Irvine Department of Campus Recreation Anteater Recreation Center
680 California Ave Irvine, CA 92697-4515
(949) 824-5346 www.campusrec.uci.edu


Welcome to UCI Sailing Our program introduces you to sailing through the use of our fleet of Capri s. These boats are ideal for learning. They are safe, well built and easy to sail, yet they still offer a challenge to the more experienced sailor and racer. As a participant in the program, you will be responsible for taking proper care of the boat and equipment and for conducting yourself in a safe and sportsmanlike manner at all times. This manual is designed to help you in your initial learning phases and to act as a reference guide as you continue to sail. We hope you will use this as a beginning point. There are many great books and references on sailing that you can use to help increase your knowledge as you progress. Before going sailing you need to be prepared. Wear closed-toed shoes and dress for the weather. It is usually cooler on the water than on campus, so dress appropriately including bringing a jacket. Sunglasses, a hat or visor and sunscreen area must for sun protection. Remember to bring extra clothing to change into if you get wet.

Before you sail
Steps 1 and 2 are really important
Note: in sailboats, the tiller
Remember to check the wind direction and velocity, and the traffic. did you remember
The excessive luffing and chaffing quickly wears the sails out.
Lifejackets or pfd’
Getting underway
Your first sail
Finding the wind
Never let goof the tiller or the mainsheet while tacking
Remember: to tack, push the tiller towards the sail
Using the jib
Sail trim basics
Sailing to windward
Getting out of irons
Sailing downwind
Controlled jibing
Safety position
Leaving the dock
Weather helm
Using your sails to help you steer
Heeling and hiking
How to right your boat
Note on hypothermia
Overboard recovery
More about the wind
Westerly or southerly
Rowing or human powered boats
Operating in a narrow channel
Sea room/obstruction
Sailboats and powerboats
Rules between sailboats
Note on the balboa ferry
Weather advisories
Tides and currents
As the wind increases
Adjusting the shape of your sails
Sailing around a course
Accidents and collisions
Beam: the width of the boat at the widest point. beam reaching
Bow: the front of a boat. bowline:
Deck: the flat, forward part of the boat. dinghy
Head: the top corner of a sail. header:
Hull: the shell or body of the boat. in irons
Leach: (also spelled leech) the back edge of a sail. leeward:
Mainsheet: a line used to adjust the mainsail in and out. mast:
Sloop: a boat with one mainsail and one jib. slot:
Standing rigging
Tiller extension:

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