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Research the area of work you wish to enter to identify how po-

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TypeУчебно-методическое пособие
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Research the area of work you wish to enter to identify how po-
tential employers would view applicants with postgraduate
qualifications. What new experience and knowledge would you
gain from the postgraduate course of study
What is your motivation for taking a postgraduate course Is it
only because of helps for future career making Sum up all
pros and cons and make a presentation in class. The text below
provides you with extensive information to think about and to
help you find the right answer.
Career Prospects for Post-Graduates
Just getting a university degree isn’t enough nowadays. Employers are increasingly looking for graduates who can hit the ground running. Postgraduate courses are monitored to match the needs of employers and make you work ready. Each degree has been developed in response to current market demands for specific skills. Employers look for graduates who can demonstrate both breadth and depth of subject knowledge. Combining subjects in a degree programme is a popular way of tailoring a course to reflect your career aspirations. Work experience plays a key role in making yourself employable. Some of the benefits are the chance to put theory into practice development of key skills greater understanding of career choices valuable career contacts for the future. Business is increasingly dependent on international trade, and employment opportunities demand well developed language skills. The course of foreign language will provide abroad range of language training opportunities for all students whatever course they are taking. To find the right career for you, you need to think about the occupations and jobs available – the skills, qualifications, experience and aptitudes you need and whether they are right for you. A postgraduate qualification from the BSU will be one that is recognized globally and will provide an excellent route to better career prospects. Major companies say they would rather employ students from the BSU. The University’s graduates benefit from our tradition of strong ties with business and industry. We can say that our courses were more vocational, with students developing better jurisprudence, teamwork and communication skills. The BSU’s high quality facilities and teaching and its interdisciplinary approach to research will enable you to make the most of research and learning opportunities available whilst studying for your scientific degree. It provides exceptional opportunities for research with commercial applications, drawing upon decades of working relationships with business and industry. All stu-

24 dents here receive appropriate and relevant preparation, training and support for their development, helping them both to complete a high-quality doctoral thesis and to develop a range of knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for their future employment. There are undoubtedly scenarios in which a generic or interdisciplinary approach would yield interesting results for example, one could imagine how networking, team working, and some communication skills could be enhanced through contact with others outside one’s subject area. Such elements of training must, however, be carefully handled, because the current crop of PhD students are surely busier than their predecessors, and are being required to professionalize earlier. Not only are they working to finish their dissertations within the three-year period of their awards but also often teaching, attending conferences, making research trips, attending meetings, and engaging in other activities entirely appropriate to their stage of career. It is clear that development of communication skills and participation in a research seminar are linked to an important professional activity going to a conference and speaking about one’s work. Students are explicitly prepared for this experience in a special session on conference culture, in which they are given pointers about how to propose and present a paper, and are taught the conventions of an oral text. They are encouraged to use the conference as away of raising their individual profiles, and as a springboard for future publications. The delicate issue of networking is also addressed. The session is also an appropriate opportunity to plant in their minds the idea of running a conference themselves, thus further enhancing their organizational skills. Conference activity forms an important part of the career of any academic for postgraduates it is an important way of participating in academic debate, and showcasing their own work. By the end of the second year of the program it can be seen together the postgraduates are taught to make practical progress in the number of key areas of academic endeavor, with a view to having a significant body of experience by the time they complete their degrees. Introducing this information in the second year also helps to focus students minds on the key question of whether or not these postgraduates pursue academic careers, they will almost certainly be required to undergo an interview in order to obtain gainful employment. It is therefore crucial to present them with opportunities to hone their skills in this area. By this stage of the programme they will have had experience of delivering their material in a public forum, and will have made an attempt to develop their presentation skills they should also have had other opportunities to defend their ideas, making a substantial, original contribution to knowledge in a specific area.


Белорусский государственный университет
Scan the text and find some additional information about the
As you know the first universities were founded in the byzan-
The old scottish university
In the text below an international student shares his experience
English speaking countries, especially great britain and amer-
Harvard university is the pride of the usa. like oxford and
Section ii academic degrees and
The bachelor’s degree
Since there is no full equivalence in foreign and native aca-
Research course
What qualities does research demand from postgraduate stu-
Why undertake postgraduate study
Emily wright
I don’t know what to do – this will give me more time to decide
There can be less optimistic opinions about taking postgraduate
Section iii
Требования к оформлению материалов
Being a conference attendee you are sure to fill in a registra-
История и современность»,
While taking part in the discussion the participants are sup-
Below you will find the text contributed by one of the former
Check the knowledge of the topical vocabulary identifying eng-
Speak on the latest conference you’ve attended according to the
Ec-funded research visit opportunities in computational science
Short research visits
The bsu maintains close contacts with a wide range of univer-
Following supplementary documents should be included with
University of illinois at urbana/champaign
July 1990 – august 1993 european trade review –
Interests: travel, reading. jazz, tennis. personal:
Work experience:
If an applicant meets the requirements of the host university the
Every applicant is expected to draft a tentative programme of the
Study visits can be individual and those arranged as a partner-
As you have learned from the above, study visits can be ar-
Further follows information supplied by a former post-
Notes: reap
Any research visit is finalized with a report on the visit’s out-
Further you will find reports on research visits supplied by in-
Отчет о научной стажировке в университете де мино рубановой в.в.
Section vb bresearch supervision
University. compare it with what you have at bsu.
Below you will find different opinios of postgraduate students
Discuss with your groupmates the issue of a good supervisor.
Write an essay on
Kent faculty, professor eglit served in several capacities, including
Clarity of writing.
Typical sections.
Title of the report.
Examples of an introduction
Making oral presentations
Making the presentation.
Study the texts given below, use additional information re-
Economics has been recognized as a special area of study for over a century. the term economics
Understanding history
Summary making
Now try to translate a summary of a scientific paper from rus-
Section vii
In the extraction from scientific prose given below we hope not
Complete the sentences supplying them with information on
Below find the speculations of a former postgraduate student
Summarizing translation can be helpful for you while compos-
Below there follows a summary of the research conducted in
Now speak on your research paper dwelling upon the following
What is biology?
What is chemistry
Physics what exactly is physics? what discoveries
What is philosophy
What is sociology
Journalism is information
Theories of communication
Applying theory to practice
List of abbreviations
Краткий русско-английский словарь
Л ляпсус, описка – lapse м
Ф факт – fact функция – function х
Bized http://www.bized.ac.uk/virtual/economy
Business bureau

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