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Partners’ reports
Regional Coordinators Annual Reports
Programme Review
Crop post-harvest systems have capacity to respond to and integrate increased range of research outputs during and after programme completion
To raise incomes and food and nutritional security of low-resourced farmers
1.1 Appropriate institutional arrangements in place and used by at least 30% of farmers and traders in Southern Africa to improve access to markets over 3 years
1.1 Project evaluation report
1.2 Partners reports Resource managers, farmers & traders able to adopt new knowledge Enabling environment exists for widespread adoption of new knowledge Government policies support institutional arrangements of coalition members

1. Characterization of market systems for cassava updated and current demand confirmed
1.1 Updated characterization and demand of cassava marketing systems completed by end of year 1 Partners report Government price policies do not favour imported commodities Normal environment & market conditions exist
1.2. Market information and outlets for cassava identified by the end of year 3 Partners report Availability of cassava in the market systems which depends on increased production levels

Final Tips Presentation is important
- Follow specified formats for final document
- Font size, spacing, number of words/pages
- Check for accuracy, including grammar
- Avoid using jargon
- Refer to scientific names Good preparation is an indication of due diligence Include only relevant material Read ALL guidelines Research the reviewer Pick a meaningful title Ensure project is not too ambitious State the theoretical foundations) involved Capture and explain all the costs, including assumptions made in calculating them

Manual contents
Training objectives
Style and content of the training programme
Introduction to the trainers
Francis ouruma alacho
Professor satish chandra
Chitaku g. mucheleng’anga
Dr gregory robin
Professor keith tomlins
Course timetable
Module one writing research proposals
Value chain approaches
Table 2.1 concept note content
Expected results
Other related
Why is it important to the scientific world – what
Practice makes perfect!!
Split into existing groups
Example of coding an interview script
Undertaking research in value chains
What is a value chain
Fieldwork exercise diagnosis of trc value chain research needs
Ideas for interview questions general
Table 5.1 criteria fora successful interviewer
Module two research methods
Informed consent
Table 7.1 selected patent applications by patent office, broken down by resident and
Source: wipo statistics database, january 2011
Module three capturing intellectual property rights
Table 8.1: summary of types of intellectual property and what they protect
Certification marks
Potato”. ab geographical indication (gi)
Plant breeders' rights (pbr)
Protection of new plant varieties
Exercise: who owns ip
Hawai’i taro patent controversy
Source: makerere university (2010) process map for to-be process – inv 1.1 protection-patenting.
Chapter ten building a community of practice
References/further reading
Research methods
Intellectual property rights
Appendix 1 understanding and using development terms
Information on data
Quality assurance
Backup and security
Expected difficulties in data sharing
Preparation of data for sharing and archiving
Appendix 4 research funding bodies
African union research grant call
Bill & melinda gates foundation, usa
Gdn’s global research capacity building program on research
International foundation for science
Leverhulme-royal society africa award
Newton international fellowships scheme
Rockefeller foundation
Start (system for analysis research and training)
The africa/asia/latin america scholarly collaborative program
The cgiar research program on climate change, agriculture, and food
The food security center (fsc) university of hohenheim, germany
Third world academy of sciences
World bank – development marketplace
Appendix 5 check your proposal
It is important not to
Typical comments from evaluators of eu research proposals (corn, 2010)
Final advice from the eu/checklist
Appendix 6 course forms
Strongly agree
End of training evaluation form

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