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tidal programs bTIDAL PROGRAMS
TIDAL Xis a program that supports artists by giving them a platform to connect with their fans in unique ways, including one-of-a-kind concert events and artist meet and greets for TIDAL members to enjoy. With TIDAL’s commitment to help artists engage and interact with their fans in new ways—the possibilities are endless for what we can offer fans. TIDAL X experiences will showcase and support artists of all levels from established artists to emerging talent.
Fan interactions and geographic data from TIDAL enable TIDAL X events to be targeted to offer compelling experiences for true fans. Examples include:
• Tickets for Jack White's Live at the Fargo Theatre were distributed to select fans in North Dakota
• Access to J. Cole's live performance at New York’s Le Poisson Rouge was determined by the amount of streams of his music devoted fans generated.
• Participation in the Jay Z B-Sides exclusive TIDAL X concert was via creation of curated playlists by fans.
• Access to Rihanna’s intimate artist/fan experience for the Bitch Better Have My Money music video debut was granted to Rihanna’s select fans in the
Los Angeles area.
• The 75 highest streamers of Meek Mill’s music were invited along with a guest to his BET Awards

tidal programs This artist commitment enables us to reward members that engage on TIDAL, building a community in which fans and artists strengthen their connection to the music they love. Pool Party to hangout with Meek and have a chance to hear his new album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, before it came out.
• The top 25 Mary J. Blige TIDAL streamers were given the opportunity to bring a guest and attend a special Made In America performance by the Queen Of RB Soul at the Statute Of Liberty.
• Julian Casablancas + The VOIDZ conducted a secret show at The Dragonfly in Los Angeles for select TIDAL users.
• The top 20 Jason Aldean streamers in Nashville were given the opportunity to bring a guest and attend a special live intimate acoustic performance.
TIDAL Rising is a program dedicated to artists from around the globe who have passionate fan bases and are ready to reach a wider audience with their music. The term rising speaks to the artists trajectory as well as the way artists across genres and across the globe can use TIDAL to assist in that process.
On an ongoing basis TIDAL curates and features a select group of artists across genres from around the world, with support from our artist & label relations, editorial, marketing, promotions, public relations, and social media teams, to introduce fans to vibrant and dynamic music they may have otherwise missed.

How tidal discovery works
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How does tidal
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