The Swarm Operation & Service Manual for 47 Deluxe 3d cabinets

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Monitor Vibrance: This screen lets you adjust the overall vividness, or saturation, of the colors. Squeeze a trigger to change the vibrance level. To exit without making changes, press Player 1 START. To exit and keep the new setting, press Player 2 START.

Adjust Monitor Resolution: This screen lets you change the monitor resolution. This feature is provided to enhance compatibility with a variety of monitors. Inmost cases, the software detects and sets up the optimal monitor resolution automatically. (Setting a different resolution may adversely affect performance) If you see a message that says "Unsupported Monitor" you will need to set the resolution manually.

Preface safety
Precautions for game operation
Unpack and inspect
Assemble the d marquee
Securing topper to bezel
Install marquee on monitor stand
Install the optional gvr3d sign
Adjust the monitor
Chapter 4 — operator menu and game setup
Machine info screen
Machine settings settings menu
Machine settings errors screen
Game settings settings menu
Game settings disable chapters menu
Coin settings configuration menu
Coin settings pricing menu
Statistics: machine
Diagnostics: gun calibration screen
Calibrating the guns
To invert the x axis
Test gun led display
Diagnostics: sound test
Diagnostics: monitor test screens
Squeeze a trigger to select a different resolution
Chapter 5 — software restoration
Run the game install disk
Settings in the operator menu and set 3d display
Please read the service instructions before working on the cabinet.
Note: highlighted items are yellow
Return button. screen setting
Audio system service
Gun service
Gun power harness and fuses
Opening the gun case
Closing the gun case
Gun trigger service
Gun button service
Gun coil assembly service
Gun pot and gear service
Caution disconnect the cabinet from ac power before making any
Caution do not connect the volt lamp power wire to the micro
Hd monitor service
Coin mech replacement
Power distribution service
Caution be sure to connect each wire to the correct terminal on the ac power
Dc power supply replacement
Cabinet lighting
Light replacement
Led light tubes
Cold-cathode florescent lights (ccfls)
Setting the computer bios (cmos), dh61cr motherboard
Do not change any settings that are not specifically described in this document.
Chipset sata mode
Part number qty
Part number qty per gun
Cabinet artwork
Monitor vibrance
Settings in the operator menu. d turned off by player press 3d
Audio troubleshooting
Gun troubleshooting
Problem cause
Miscellaneous troubleshooting
Error messages
Harness part #: 115-0217-01

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