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Eighth Edition

Revised 2016

Published by
The General Service Board of
Alcoholics Anonymous Australia

Published by
The General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous Australia

48 Firth Street Arncliffe NSW 2205 Telephone +61 2 9599 8866 Facsimile 02 9599 8844 Website email

First Edition 1977
Second Edition 1981
Third Edition 1987
Reprint 1991
Loose Leaf Editions
Sixth Edition 2005
Seventh Edition 2007
Eighth Edition 2016

Revised 2016

All rights reserved but excerpts from this publication maybe reproduced with the written permission of the publisher. Portions of this Manual have been reprinted with permission of AA World Services Inc. For information write to the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous Australia at the address above.

© 2016 The General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous Australia This is AA General Service Conference-Approved Literature

Contents foreword
Section four the district & the district committee member (dcm) ...........................................................35
Part 2: area activities
Part 3: areas looking outward area
Section six the area delegate. 59
Section eight aa
Section ten the general service office
Section twelve aa
Map of australian aa regions and
The australian aa
Vital to aa’
Fellowship ready for responsibility
Highlights of aa service history
Aa's early money problems
Aa its own publisher
Aa makes news
Aa grows to two thousand members
Beginning of group services
Jack alexander looks at aa
Figure 1 the jack alexander article
Traditions took persuasion
Medicine takes an interest
A rash of anonymity breaks
Gso (new york) services expand
Birth of the conference
The conference plan
A resolution (north america)
Be it therefore resolved:
Historical background of aa in
The australian general service conference is apart of the aa fellowship in which
A resolution (australia)
We further understand:
Alcoholics anonymous held in sydney.
What are general services?
The conference charter
From the north american conference charter
The australian conference charter
Conference committee
The aa group - the final voice of the
Group conscience meetings
Group information sheets
Figure 3 form for group registration & public liability insurance
Our group conscience has agreed to donate
The alternate gsr
The district committee member (dcm)
What the dcm does
Group meetings that attract
Who is on the area committee?
Area committee officers & qualifications
Chairperson qualifications
Ability to communicate
Living the example
Sobriety and business experience
Time, interest and energy
Accounting experience
Area assembly”
A typical election assembly agenda
Third legacy procedure
General service office is frequently asked the
If a gsr cannot be present, the alternate votes in his or her place. a gsr can vote by
How the area committee is supported
Here are some of the methods areas use to keep their
Part 2: area activities
Non-election area assembly meetings
Who presides who votes?
What kind of program?
Some ideas for assembly and district
How to setup a sharing session
How areas stimulate interest in general services
Communication tools
Working together - general services &
When the service structure needs
Past area delegates can be helpful
How do we form anew area?
Procedure for change of region
The role of the area registrar
Suggestions for newsletters or
Part 3: areas looking outward
Regional forums
Regional trustee nominations
The area & conference
Primary duties of the area delegate
Area delegates are servants, not senators
Area delegate term
Where should an area delegate come from ?
Delegate expenses
About the alternate
What makes a good area delegate?
Preparing for the conference
The area delegate as communicator
Reporting back home on the conference
The making of an area delegate
What makes an aa
Figure 4 what makes an aa leader bill w
Figure 5 why do we need a conference?
Who conference members are
A reminder about
The conference acts for aa as a whole
How to get something discussed at the conference
Advisory actions
A sample of actions of the australian general
A note about changing the aa service
Advisory action flowchart b figure 6 conference advisory action flow chart
Conference committees and how they
Making up committees
The conference committees are:
Conference public information and co-operation with the professional
Conference finance committee:
Conference treatment facilities and special needs committee:
Conference literature committee:
Policies and admissions committee:
Conference international committee:
Report, charter & service manual (rc&smc) committee:
Conference committee on trustees:
Conference committee on remote communities:
Down through the years, conference committees have brought about many actions
The australian delegates today
Election of australian world service
Relationship of international delegates
Relationship of delegates to the board
World service delegate activities
World service meetings
Asia-oceania service meetings
Asia-oceania service meeting zone
International service qualities
For the world service meeting:
For the asia-oceania service meeting:
The international sponsorship fund (isf)
Composition & term of service
Figure 8 the six regions of aa
The trustees qualifications
Alcoholic trustees (
Grasp of aa structure:
Availability of general service trustees to general service office:
Regional trustees and representation:
How aa chooses general service trustees
How aa chooses regional trustees
Procedure for election
Trustee emeriti
Interim appointments
General service trustees & class a trustees
Why the board chooses its members
Trustees' service committees,
Board inventory meetings
The document integration group
Trustees’ remote communities committee
National convention host planning committees
Legal structure of the board
The company’
The company and the corporations and taxation
The general service office management group
Overview of a
Company memorandum of association
Procedures for change of aa
What gets done at gso ?
Special help to new groups
Public information
General service board
Idea exchange for central service offices
Conventions and forums
Loners internationalists - australia
Aa as a publisher
How general service office is
Additionally, members are encouraged to make personal contributions:
Categories of aa literature
Category 2: the grapevine etc
Category 3: aa service items
Non-aa literature.
How conference-approved
Licence to print
Registered trademarks
The general service board has asked that when aa logos are used by the fellowship for its
Reprinted with permission of aa world services inc
Tradition eleven
Introduction by bill w.
Concept i the final responsibility and the ultimate authority for aa world services
Concept ii when, in 1955, the aa groups confirmed the permanent charter for their
Concept iii as a traditional means of creating and maintaining a clearly defined working
Concept iv throughout our conference structure, we ought to maintain at all responsible
Concept v throughout our world service structure, a traditional
Concept vi on behalf
Concept viii the trustees of the general service board act in two primary capacities:
Concept ix good service leaders, together with sound and appropriate methods of
Leadership in aa ever a vital need
Concept x every service responsibility should be matched by an equal service authority
Concept xi while the trustees hold final responsibility for
The nominating committee
The finance and budgetary committee
The public information committee
The literature committee
The general policy committee
The warranties of article 12 areas follows:
Warranty two:
Warranty three
Warranty four
Warranty five
Warranty six:
Representatives, area committee members and delegates:
It must first be established
Article 3 membership: board composition
Article 4 trustee terms of service
Article 5 election of trustees
Ultimate traditional authority of conference
Duties of general service trustees
Meetings of trustees
Proceedings at general meetings of the trustees meeting as members of the company.
Mail polls article 31
Company seal article 32
Notices article 36
Winding up article 38
Gsb = general service board = the trustees’gsconference
World service

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