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Owner's Manual The Breeder's Standard(tm) 2005

any other party for any reason. You agree never to make any copies of the printed Manuals for any reason. If you sell or giveaway the registered Software, you must destroy every backup copy of the Software, and you agree to do so. You must notify the Company in writing within three (3) business days of such a sale or transfer, and must provide the name and address of the actual purchaser or receiver of the Software. Once you sell or transfer the Software, you may not buyback or receive back the Software fora period of three (3) years, and you agree to this condition (However, you may of course purchase another copy of the software from Company or any authorized dealer at anytime. You may not use somebody else's copy of the Software to access records or files made by your copy. As soon as you sell the Software, you lose your license rights and all rights to use the Software. However, clauses in the License which restrict you from infringing Company’s rights to its copyright, trade dress or patents (granted or pending) still apply and you agree that these terms will survive your loss of rights under this license, perpetually. You may not sell give other otherwise transfer or provide the Software to any party which produces a software product that competes with the Software, to any employee, agent, assign, owner, shareholder, affiliate or any party with any kind of a relationship with such a person or company, or to any party which contemplates producing a product that competes with the Software. These same restrictions apply to parties who intend to produce any product or products which rely on the databases produced by the Software for any function whatsoever. You agree that you will not attempt to reverse-engineer or disassemble the Software or attempt to do so at anytime. You agree not to change any portion of the Software, including, but not limited to, icons, dialog windows, error messages, menus, string tables and the serial numbers) as embedded in various portions of the Software. You agree that such a change, in addition to being a material violation of this license agreement, is a violation of Federal Copyright and Trade Secret laws, and constitutes a crime. You understand that the software employs various devices and algorithms designed to prevent infringements of Company’s copyright by preventing the illegal use or copying of the Software. You agree not to remove, attempt to remove, defeat, attempt to defeat, circumvent, attempt to circumvent or cause any party to attempt to remove or defeat or circumvent these mechanisms for any reason whatsoever. You agree that any act in violation of this clause damages Company in an amount which is impossible to determine, and therefore shall be responsible to pay Company, as liquidated damages, and not as a penalty the sum of FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ($500,000.00) per offense for any violation of this clause. You agree that you will not disclose to any party the layout, contents or structure of the database files created or used by the Software. You agree that you will not devise any program or programs, algorithm, script or method that will convert the data in the databases of the Software to any format directly or indirectly acceptable to any product that competes with the Software. You agree that you will not create or offer for commercial sale any "add-on" product that uses these databases for sale without the express advance written permission of the Company. Such permission may, at Company's sole discretion, be in the form of a Developers License, which you agree would at the sole discretion of Company require the payment of additional fees. You agree that Company has no obligation to issue you or any other party a Developer's License, and that no part of this License Agreement shall serve to impose such an obligation upon the Company, or entitle you to damages if Company refuses to grant a developer’s license. You agree that, since it is impossible to determine the effect of any violation of the above terms, that you will be liable for ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ($100,000.00) for each individual violation of the copy, lease and loan provisions above, all as liquidated damages and not as a penalty. You agree that, if you violate this license in anyway, that Company may at its sole discretion seek additional penalties and damages as permitted bylaw.

Owner's manual
Puggsley(tm): english language help
Dog records 39
Owner's manual the breeder's standard(tm) 2005
Calendar and reminders
Sharing data with others
Crystal ball genetics engine
Megaped classic(tm)
Megaped(tm) 2005
How do i. 149
Trouble-shooting guide
Glossary of terms
Audience for this manual
Copyright and license
License agreement
License terms and conditions
Any claim or dispute under this agreement that company
Installing the program
Upgrading from previous versions
Until the program is registered, the word unregistered
Some things to know
Numbers -- pop-up calculator
Automatic phone dialer
Program preferences
Show tip of the day at startup:
Use password security
Save pending changes on done
Warn on duplicate primary reg number
Important - from the license agreement
Tbsnewpassword: tbsnew
Choosing a kennel
The parents field
To make all dogs in the database show up in the work with dogs
Animal color begins with:
Registrations (beginning with):
Dogsleuth will change the number of dogs displayed in work
Sleuth listing formatting pop-up
Descendants list analyzer
Expand all: this will show every descendant in the tree. print:
Warning: datamaster is a powerful function. it
Smart capitalization
Kennel information
Country: the country your kennel is located in. voice phone
Operational issues
Dog information
Gender: choose the dog’s gender. • wright coeff
Owner owner owner 3
Calculate inbreeding coefficient
Registries and titles
Profile profile information
Profile comment word processor
Medical medical information page
Medical history
Return visit information
Matings matings page
Add/change a mating
Delivery dates
Other fields:
Comment: enter up to 255 characters of comments. bill of sale
Add/change conformation
Add/change obedience
Stake information
Date: enter the date of the event. entry date
Level: choose schutzhund iii or iii. judge
Entry fee: enter the amount you paid for this entry. club
Date: enter the date of the event. training log entry
Show actual size check box
Pedfast® ii pedigree maker
The pedfast® ii page
Effective use of pedfast – the right mouse click
Quick information window
Status check boxes:
When adding transactions to multiple animals, auto-status update is
Contact information
E-mail: this is the contact’s e-mail address. comment
Individual puppies
Add/change puppy tracking
Date: the date of the appointment. start time
Reminder pop-up window
For reports on the whole kennel:
Print dog’s picture:
Event information
Email: type in your email address. beagles only
Date: this is the date of the event. club
Australia show entry
Date of fixture:
Breeder’s ex
Import breed mismatch
Import title mismatch
Crystal ball functions
What-if pedigrees
Backing up the kennel
Cd/dvd backup wizard
This is the best possible protection you have against a catastrophe
This includes copies of folders, copies of tbs 2005 backup wizard
Master table maintenance
Work with breeds
Add/change breeds
Var. seq.: this is a sequence field for your use. akc breed?:
Add/change contact types
Description: this is the description for this service. type:
Add/change transaction types
Work with shot types
Add/change shot types
Work with users
Add/change users
The look up window
Megaped classic(tm) selection pages
Any pedigree more than 5 generations must be printed to
Printable elements
Include picture check box
Alternate heading
Previewing a pedigree
Printing the pedigree
Multiple formats
Save to popular graphics formats
Megaped(tm) 2005 selection pages
What to print check boxes
Ancestor pictures
Fonts and colors page
Watermark entry window
How do i create a contract
How do i export reports to another format
How do i print reports for the whole kennel
How do i add a logo
How do i choose the number of generations to
How do i choose what to print
How do i print a pedigree with megaped(tm)
How do i activate megaped 2005
How do i preview the pedigree
Important! include the full text of any message you receive
Not return anything without a valid rma
Program messages
Megaped classic™
Jjudge: 57, 58, 60, 61, 62 k
Nnumbers -- pop -up calculator 13 o

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