Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Windows 7 Image

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Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Windows 7 Image
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1 10/20/2011 Create_Windows_7_Image_MASTER_DOCUMENT.doc Computer Systems Engineer
Installing a custom image is similar to installing the Windows 7 operating system from the Microsoft Volume Licensing or retail media, but it uses an operating system image that includes your customizations and applications. This process takes a bit more time to setup but can save you time in the end. The guidance in section is designed specifically for small and medium business that may not have prior experience with Windows deployment or do not have enterprise deployment infrastructure.
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Creating a custom image for the Standard Image method has seven major steps. You need two computers to build the custom image for this method You configure your tools on the technician computer and customize your image on the reference computer. Table 1 has a column for each computer. You complete steps in the On the technician computer column on your own computer. You complete steps in the On the reference computer column on the computer that you are using to build the custom image.

Table 1. steps for creating a custom image
Step-by-step guide for building a windows 7 image
To install the windows aik from the windows aik dvd
Next. you can also skip connecting to a wireless network by clicking skip
Figure 4. the system preparation tool
To remove the temporary user account
To copy the custom windows 7 image to your computer

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