Samsung Smart Door Lock User Guide

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Step 2. Mark on the Door
Right-handed Setting
Connect the magnetic sensor to Right Trigger’.
Left-handed Setting
Connect the magnetic sensor to Left Trigger’.
The hand type is not set by default and it is set to the direction where the magnetic is detected.
In order to change the hand type when it is already set, change the connection of the magnetic sensor.
And press the [OPEN/CLOSE] button while the magnet is detected.
Note: Please, cut the tail of the rubber pad to the direction where magnetic sensor is placed.
ig ht Trigger Left Trigger

Door Lock
Step 3. Drilling

Drill a 2-1/8˝ (54 mm) diameter hole through the door, as indicated on the template, using a hole saw.

Drill a 1˝ (25 mm) mortise hole using a hole saw Drill strike plate holes using a drill bit (1/8˝, 2.5 mm) Using the template, locate the center horizontal line for the deadbolt hole, which lines up with the center of the 2-1/8˝ hole, and draw a horizontal line on the door frame to mark where you will make the deadbolt mortise hole) Measure half the thickness of the door. Now, measure that distance from where the doorstops at the frame when the door is closed toward the doorjamb and mark a straight, vertical line the length of the door strike plate. Draw a horizontal line from the mark you made in Step 1 toward the vertical line. Where both lines cross, make a 1˝ (25 mm) diameter hole, 1/2˝ (13 mm) in depth) Align the holes of the strike plate with the vertical line. Trace the outline of the strike plate and mortise with a 1/16˝ (1.6 mm) indentation. Attach the strike plate with the 2 screws provided.

Security functions
Table of contents
Parts drawings
Step 4. strike plate installation
Connect the cable of video intercom
Double-locking :
Intrusion detection function :
Open/close] button on the interior unit will lock the door. low voltage indicator :
Thumbturn lever :
Random security function :
Restart button :
Successful: ding dongfailed
Successful: ding dongfailed
Smart door lock

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