Samsung Gear S3 classic/frontier R765V/R775v user Manual

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Special Features

Special Features
Water and Dust
This device is rated IP68 using the Ingress Protection rating system. For more information, see “Maintaining
Water and Dust Resistance” on page 107.
Military Specification
This device passed military specification
(MIL‑STD‑810G) testing. For more information, see “Legal Information” on page 104.

Learn about your mobile device hardware, assembly procedures, and how to get started using your new device.
Getting Started

Set Up Your
Learn how to set up your device for the first time.

Set Up Your Device
Assemble Your Device
This section helps you to assemble your device.
Wireless Charger
USB charger port
Wireless charging surface
LED indicator
*Devices and software are constantly evolving — the illustrations you see here are for reference only.

Set Up Your Device
Charge the Battery
Your device is powered by a rechargeable, standard
Li-Ion battery.
Warning: Do not disassemble, modify, or repair your device. Placing objects, such as magnetic stripe cards, including credit cards, phone cards, passbooks, and boarding passes, next to the device or charger may cause damage from the charger or device’s magnetic field.
The battery comes partially charged. You can use the device while charging.
1. Insert the USB cable into the USB charger port.
2. Connect the USB cable to the charging head, and then plug the charging head into a standard outlet.
3. Place the Gear onto the wireless charger dock.
Note: Prevent the USB charger port and the small end of the charger from coming into contact with conductive materials, such as liquids, dust, metal powders, and pencil leads.

Set Up Your Device
While charging the device and the charger may become hot. This does not affect the device’s lifespan or performance and is in the device’s normal range of operation.
The charger may stop charging if the battery becomes too hot.
If the device heats up while charging the battery:
1. Disconnect the charger from the device and close any running apps.
2. Wait for the device to cool down and then begin charging the device again.
Check the Charge Status
When you connect the Gear and the wireless charger dock, the wireless charger dock’s LED indicator flashes certain colors to indicate the battery level.

Red > Green > Orange: Standby mode

Red: Charging.

Green: Fully charged

Orange: Connected to a low-charger head
Note: When a wireless charger dock error occurs, the
LED indicator flashes red. Disconnect the Gear from the wireless charger dock, and then reconnect. If the error occurs again, contact a Samsung Service Center for service support.

Set Up Your Device
Wear the Gear
1. Open the buckle and place the strap around your wrist.
2. Fit the strap to your wrist, insert the pin into an adjustment hole, and then secure the buckle to close it.
Strap Tips and Precautions

Some people may experience discomfort when wearing the Gear for prolonged periods.

If you have sensitive skin or fasten the Gear too tightly, you may feel some discomfort.

Do not expose the straps to very wet conditions.
Wet straps can cause skin irritations. Dry the straps first. If you experience skin irritation when wearing the device, stop wearing the device and consult a physician.
Replace the Strap
Detach the strap from the Gear to replace it with a new one.
1. Slide the strap’s spring bar inwards and pull the strap away from the Gear.

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