Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 classic and frontier R760 and R770 User Manual

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Navigate the Screen
Learn how to navigate through your device using the buttons.
Switch between the Watch and
Apps Screen
1. When you are on the Watch screen, press the Home button to open the Apps screen.
2. When you are not on the Watch screen, press the
Home button to return to the Watch screen.
Return to the Previous Screen
► Press the Back button. You can also swipe down from the top edge of the screen.

Enter Text
Know Your Device
Enter Text
Text can be entered using a keyboard or by speaking.
A text input screen is displayed automatically when you are able to enter text. Select an emoticon or text template to enter a message. You can also use voice input or the keyboard to type texts.
Note: The screen layout may be different depending on the app you launch.
Voice Input
1. Tap
Voice input and speak the message you want to enter. Tap Send when you are finished.
2. Tap More options > Input languages to change the language.

Enter Text
Know Your Device
Voice input is not supported in some languages.
When the Gear is connected to a smartphone using
Bluetooth, the language settings applied on the smartphone are applied to the Gear.
For better voice recognition:
Speak clearly.
Speak in quiet places.
The Gear may not recognize your commands or may perform unwanted commands depending on your surroundings or how you speak.
You can add emojis to your message.
Tap Emojis, and select an emoji to include in your message.

To draw your own image, tap Doodle.

Enter Text
Know Your Device
Use the keyboard to enter your message.
Change the Input Mode
► Rotate the bezel to change the input mode.

You can switch between handwriting mode, character mode, number mode, punctuation mode, and voice input.
Handwriting Mode
► Tap Keyboard, and then use your handwriting to enter text.
Enter Characters
1. Tap
Keyboard, and then rotate the bezel to character mode.
2. Tap the corresponding key repeatedly until the desired character is displayed.

Enter Text
Know Your Device
Add Input Languages
1. Rotate the bezel to change the input mode to number mode or punctuation mode.
2. Tap
Settings > Select input languages and select a language to add.

You can use up to two languages.

You can also add more languages from the
Settings screen. For more information, see
“Keyboard Settings” on page 85.
Change the Input Language
► Slide the space key left or right.

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