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ATV Rider Course Man u alb SAFETY INSTITUTE
S t e p hen Galls bbS t e p hen Galls bbSAFETY INSTITUTE

This Handbook was produced by Yamaha Motor Australia in conjunction with the Stephen Gall ATV Safety Institute. This manual is adapted from the ATV Safety Institute in the United States of America for use with the Australian ATV Rider Course.
The Australian ATV Rider Course is a hands-on course, with particular emphasis on the safety implications relating to each lesson. The course also covers protective gear, environmental concerns, local laws, and safety techniques. The hands-on training includes pre-ride inspections,
starting and stopping, turning (gradual and quick, hills (stopping, turning around, traversing, emergency stopping and swerving, and riding over obstacles.
ATVs are fun as well as functional. They are used in all types of off- highway applications such as farming, military, police and surf patrols,
racing, and recreational activities.
Being responsible, using commonsense and practising important skills are all important ingredients in making ATV riding more rewarding.
Your ATV Owners Manual
Take the time to carefully read and understand your owner's manual.
Paying close attention to the manual could save you from severe or even fatal injury.
Read and comply with all the labels on your ATV. These labels address warnings about potential hazards. If you are unsure about something,
check your owner's manual or see your Yamaha ATV dealer.
Government and Industry Accredited Training
Stephen Gall’s ATV Safety Institute provides national training to improve the safety of ATV riders through practical training for the sports,
rural, government and private industry markets. On successful completion of the ATV rider course, students can receive a nationally recognised

Preparing to ride
Starting your atv
Quick stops and swerving
Riding over obstacles
Safe riding practices
Standards and testing
The right helmet for you
The right helmet for youngsters
Replacing your helmet
Full face helmet
Stretching exercises
Neck: side tilt your head towards
Left view of atv
Chapter 511
At higher speeds
Chapter 713
Riding through mud and water
Loading & towing
Losing control
Loading and unloading and transport of atv
Suitability of loading and unloading sites
Chapter 817
Keep in mind the following tips when crossing obstacles:
For single track (offset) obstacles:
When going downhill:
Never remove a helmet from an injured rider unless
Travelling only where atv’s are permitted.•r
How do you find good places to ride?
Chapter 1123

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