Safety Information

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1 | H Digital Video Recorder

Safety Information
The safety information is provided for the wellness of the equipment and for the safety of the operator. Please review and observe all instructions and warnings in this manual.

Preparations before installation
To protect your DVR from damage and to optimize performance, be sure to keep the DVR away from dust, humidity, and area with high voltage equipment such as refrigerator. Do not install or place equipment in areas where the air vents can be obstructed, such as in tight enclosures or small utility closet. Keeping the unit in a temperature-controlled room with ample regulated power is highly recommended. Do not overload the wall outlet, as this can result in the risk of fire or electric shock.
Uninterruptible power devices such as UPS power surge protectors are recommended, and the DVR units must at least be connected with UL, CUL, or CSA approved power surge protector. Avoid direct sunlight and avoid heat.

Fcc information
User’s manual | 2
Explanation for
No. functions
User’s manual | 14
Freeze- freezes the current image. see section 3.5 freeze for more information.
User’s manual | 18
Ptz operation
User’s manual | 20
User’s manual | 22
Single channel playback in live mode (cameo)
User’s manual | 24
Quick backup during playback
Yellow- continuous recording. green
Network network ddns notification backup
Firmware version & system upgrade
Screen saver setup
User’s manual | 42
Type- off, no (normal open) , nc (normal close) the sensor. cam-
Relay- 1 off relay output. dwell time-
Check the below items for proper p/t/z operation.
User’s manual | 46
User’s manual | 48
User’s manual | 50
Auto private ip setup (nat traversal)
Backup 4.5.1 backup
Web configuration
Web monitoring
User’s manual | 60
User’s manual | 62
Chapter 2 cms
Adjust the focus of the ptz camera.
User’s manual | 74
User’s manual | 76
User’s manual | 78
User’s manual | 80
User’s manual | 88
Uninstall to uninstall acs, press uninstall acs
User’s manual | 94
User’s manual | 100
User’s manual | 102
User’s manual | 104
Basic operation
User’s manual | 108
User’s manual | 110

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