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Revised: March 21, 2010

Rockefeller College University at Albany
Problem Set #0: Getting to Know UCINET 6
Adapted from original by Peter V. Marsden, Harvard University
This problem set is designed to familiarize you with basic functions for managing network data within the UCINET 6 software. UCINET is a suite of programs written by Steve Borgatti, Martin Everett, and Linton Freeman. UCINET started out a loosely connected set of DOS routines that were contributed by the three authors. Overtime, it has grownup to have a Windows interface and a growing suite of capabilities. Version 6 is by far the most polished and integrated one so far. However, this is not SPSS or Stata. There is no multi-million dollar corporation developing this program the users probably number in the thousands. So it has bugs and inconsistencies that are only identified slowly. It also has eccentricities. Most especially, you will notice that
UCINET tends to create many, many files in the course of doing an analysis. Keeping track of the output is a challenge. Thus, this program may have a steeper learning curve than some other statistical packages. The installation CD includes a Word-based User’s Guide and Reference Manual. The program places these files in the program’s home folder they should also appear in the UCINET folder in the Start menu. I have placed PDF copies of both in ERes. (A paper copy seems a waste, as the file has neither table of contents nor an index you are better off searching the PDF.) The program relies heavily on online help for documentation of specific procedures. You may want to print your own copy of the user manuals, but they will provide general rather than specific instructions as to the use of the software. If you want to have more specific documentation of procedures, either (a) locate that procedure in the Index of the Help menu and print the associated file orb) search the Reference Manual PDF In this problem set, we will work through mechanics like starting up, viewing an existing dataset, entering anew dataset, extracting portions of a dataset, and other basic data manipulations. We’ll also cover the UCINET routines for egocentric network data. Because the problem sets serve both as a guide to using UCINET and as away for me to test your knowledge, the problem set texts can be rather long and wordy. To make clear what you need to turn in, be sure to always attend to the items in bold and italics.

PAD 637

Problem Set #0: Getting to Know UCINET
Public-use copies of UCINET 6 are available on all lab computers around campus. We have a license for 24 copies. If 25 or more people try to use UCINET at once, the system will not allow users 25 to infinity to boot up a copy. To start the program, use the Start menu in Windows to locate and start UCINET 6 – or click on the UCINET 6 icon if one has been placed on the desktop. Here is the basic console There are seven top-level menus in UCINET 6:

Options sets display options. help
Default directories
Viewing a dataset
Creating a dataset
Include a printout of your excel spreadsheet in your write-up.
Include a printout from excel of your personal dataset in your write-up.
Try transform/symmetrize using the maximum and minimum option on your personal

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