Range Rover Workshop Manual System Description and Operation lm 2nd Edition Eng

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Pressure Control Valve
On the Td6 engine, the pressure control valve is located at the high pressure pump.
The pressure control valve regulates the fuel rail pressure according to the load status of the engine. If the rail pressure is too high, the pressure control valve opens, which enables some of the fuel to pass from the fuel rail to the fuel tank via a collector line. If the rail pressure is too low, the pressure control valve closes and seals the high pressure side from the low pressure side.
The EDC controls an armature via a coil. The armature presses a ball into a seal, which seals the high pressure side from the low pressure side. When the system is not activated, the ball is returned by a spring. The entire armature is coated with fuel for lubrication and cooling.
The pressure control valve has two control circuits:
One electrical control circuit for setting a variable pressure value in the rail l
One mechanical control circuit for equalising high frequency pressure fluctuations.
The electric control circuit compensates for slow pressure fluctuations and changes and the mechanical control circuit compensates for faster pressure fluctuations.
With the pressure control valve not active, the high pressure present in the rail or in the high pressure pump output is exerted on the high pressure intake of the pressure control valve. Since the de-energized electromagnet is not present, the force of the high pressure is greater than the force of the spring, which opens the pressure control valve. The spring's design creates a pressure of max. 100 bar.
When the pressure control valve is active (to raise the fuel pressure) the magnetic force and spring force must be increased. The pressure control valve is activated and closed until there is a balance between the high pressure force on the one side and the magnetic and spring forces on the other. The magnetic force exerted by the electromagnet is indirect proportion to the activation current (controlled by the EMS. Variation in the activation current is achieved by PWM. The PWM frequency is 1 kHz i.e. high enough to prevent disturbance from armature movements and/or fluctuation in pressure.
Fuel Rail
The Td6 engine is equipped with a common rail fuel rail. The common rail is located beside the cylinder head cover underneath the air inlet manifold.
In the fuel rail, the fuel is subjected to high pressure and delivered to the injectors. The fuel rail feeds all cylinders and maintains its internal pressure at a constant value, even when handling larger quantities of fuel. This ensures that the injection pressure remains at a constant pressure when the injector is opened. Fluctuations in pressure resulting from the pump delivery and injection are dampened by the volume of fuel in the rail.
In the Td6, the fuel rail pressure sensor is located atone end of the rail.
The fuel rail is continuously supplied with fuel from the high pressure pump. The fuel is delivered from the fuel rail to the injectors via the injector connection lines.

Engine management system – td6
Engine management system – v8
Fuel delivery system – td6
Fuel delivery system – v8
Cooling system – v8
Manifolds and exhaust system – td6
Manifolds and exhaust system – v8
Transfer box41-1
Automatic transmission – gm 5l40-e
Drive and propeller shafts
Air conditioning
Wipers and washers
Body control unit
Driving aids86-10-1
Td 6 – external view
Technical features
Engine datathe technical data is detailed below.description
Connecting rod and piston
Piston lubrication jets
Integrated oil cooler and filter assembly
Oil pressure switch
Crankshaft and sump components
Camshaft timing components
Cylinder head components
Inlet port configuration
Cylinder head gasket
Inlet and exhaust valves
Hydraulic lash adjusters and roller finger rockers
Engine mounts
Hydraulic engine mount
Valueengine speed
V8 – external view
Left bank5 — 8right bank
Crankcase ventilation system
Torsional vibration damper
Hydraulic valve adjustment tappets
Ancillary components and belt drive
Belt drive1
Cylinder bank components
Oil distribution flanges
Camshaft position impulse wheels
Management system.
Engine control module (ecm)
Ecm harness connector c pin details
Controller area network (can)
Pin no.description
App sensor output graph
Maf sensor values
Air mass kg/h
Engine coolant temperature
Fuel rail pressure sensor
Fuel rail pressure control valve
Brake light switch
Crankshaft position (ckp) sensor
Camshaft position (cmp) sensor
Exhaust gas recirculation (egr) modulator
Glow plug relay
Injection control
Fuel rail pressure
Smoke limitation
Variable nozzle turbine (vnt)
Crankshaft and camshaft synchronisation
Electric fuel pump and fuel rail pressure control valve
Air conditioning (a/c)
Cooling strategy
Electronic automatic transmission (eat) ecu strategy
Immobilisation system
Cruise control component location
Control switches
Accelerate/decelerate (+/–) switches
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Electric throttle control valve
Ambient barometric pressure sensor
Engine coolant temperature (ect) sensor
Knock sensors
Mass air flow/air intake temperature (maf/iat) sensor
Ho2s principle of operation
Vehicle speed signal
A/c request signals
Ignition coils
Fuel rail and injectors
Fuel injector
Heated thermostat
Ho2s and maf/iat sensor
Testbook/t4 diagnostics
P code no.component/signal
Variable camshaft control components
System components
Vcc transmission
Oil distribution flanges:
Maximum retard position
Maximum advance position
Camshaft impulse wheel position tools
Vcc transmission retard position set up tools
Steering wheel switches
Cruise control operation
Evap system1
Secondary air injection
Secondary air injection system components
Secondary air injection (sai) pump relay
Vacuum vent valve
Advance delivery pump
Secondary pump
High pressure fuel pump cross section
Pressure relief valve
Fuel cooler1
Fuel delivery system component
Fuel railtank leakage detection (nas only)
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V8 cooling system – sheet 2 of 2
Intake assembly
Exhaust gas recirculation (egr)
Exhaust manifold component layout
Exhaust manifold
Transfer box component location
Mass damper (td6 models only)
Planetary gearset
Fork and rail assembly
Motor and gearbox assembly
Torsen® differential
Transfer box ecu
Transfer box harness connector c pin details
Controller area network (can) bus
Neutral selection
Cold climate operation
High range operation
Torsen® differential operation
Gm le automatic transmission –
Torque converter
Fluid flow1
Stator functions
Uni-directional roller clutch
Tcc control valve
Fluid pump1
Pressure regulator solenoid
Drive clutches
Clutch released
One way free wheel clutch
Powerflow schematic diagram
Gear range reference chart
Inhibitor switch
Inhibitor switch track
N (neutral) – no torque transmitted to drive wheels ld (drive)
Manual +/– steptronic switch
Shift interlock solenoid
High/low range selector switch
Selector lever position switch
Manual/sport switch
Instrument pack
Transmission status display
Eat ecu harness connector c pin details
Diagnostic socket
Operationdriving modes
Manual (steptronic) mode
Default (limp home) mode
Reverse lock-out mode
Transmission fault status
Engine speed and throttle monitoring
Fluid flowtypical torque converter shown1
Lock-up clutch mechanism
A = unlocked conditionb
Valve block and solenoid valves
Shift control solenoids
One way free wheel clutch – typical
Planetary gear train
Temperature sensor resistance values
Selector lever
Transmission p codes
Engine warm-up mode
Drive and propeller shafts – component
Front drive shafts
Rear propeller shaft
Shaft bearing assembly
Differentials – component location
Front differential
Rear differential
Rear differential – sectional view
Operationdifferential operation
Steering column
Column adjustment
Steering lock
Steering lock ecu harness connector
Ignition switch lock harness connector
Power assisted steering (pas) pump and reservoir
Td6 pas pump and reservoir
Operationhydraulic circuit operation
Steering in right turn position
Steering lock ecu operation
Unlocking of steering lock
Detection of locking request
Suspension component location
Front suspension
Front suspension components
Anti-roll bar and links
Suspension links
Rear suspension
Upper and lower wishbones
Toe control arms
Air supply unit
Height sensors
External pressure relief valve
External pressure relief valve location
Periodic wake-up mode
Air suspension ecu harness connectors
Air suspension ecu harness connector c pin details
Standard ride height
Off-road ride height
Motorway ride height
Access ride height
Compressor timeout
Rapid acceleration
Axle articulation
Fault detection
Brake master cylinder, servo and fluid reservoir
Pre-charge pump
Brake pressure sensor
Hdc switch1
Wheel speed sensors
Steering angle sensor
Brake fluid level warning switch
Instrument pack warning lamps
System status
Abs ecu harness connector
Dynamic stability control (dsc)
Electronic traction control (etc)
Corner braking control (cbc)
Electronic brake distribution (ebd)
Emergency brake assist (eba)
Hill descent control (hdc)
Hill descent control enable criteria
Off-road abs control module programming
Hand brake component location
System specifications
Front seat belts
Srs dcu harness connector
Side impact sensor
Seat occupancy sensor
Seat belt switches
Driver airbag
Passenger airbag deployment
Side airbag deployment
Front and rear impact firing strategy
Child protection safety lock
Door module harness connectors c lh and rh pin details
Mirror fold1
Tail doortail door construction
Tail door operation
Lower tail door switch location
Interior mirror
Interior mirror harness connector
Universal transmitter
Descriptionfront seats
Manual seatsmanual seat — adjustment
Contour seats
Seat control unit
Seat control unit sub-systems
Seat power relay
Seat forward/backward motor
Seat cushion front up/down motor
Seat cushion rear up down motor
Seat squab forward/backward motor
Manual adjustment of drive motors
Temperature control unit
Seat heater elements
Only be operated while the engine is running.
Sunroof layout
Manual operation
Anti-trap function
Convenience operation
Consumer shutdown
Refrigerant system component
Fbh system component location
Refrigerant system
Refrigerant system schematic
Compressor assembly
Condenser assembly
Evaporator and thermostatic expansion valve
Air inlet housing
Low line heater assembly
Blower output stage
Fascia face level vent
Rear passenger face level vent
Typical control flap motor
Distribution ducts
Air distribution
Rear blower output stage
Low line control panel
High line control panel
Atc ecu harness connector c pin details
Refrigerant pressure sensor
Evaporator temperature sensor
Heater matrix temperature sensor
Auxiliary coolant pump
Sectioned view of fbh fuel pump
Changeover valve
Fbh remote handset
Engine idle speed control
Engine cooling fan control
Temperature control
Heater coolant circuit - without fbh
Ram air flap positions
Distribution flaps
Blower control
Defrost programme (high line system only)
Maximum ac (high line system only)
Rest heating (high line system only)
Rear passenger face level air (high line system only)
Windscreen heater (where fitted)
Rear window heater
Washer jet heaters
Heater coolant circuit - with fbh
Additional heating
Cool down times
Wipers and washers control diagram
Wiper linkage
Wiper arms1
Washer reservoir and pumps
Heated windscreen washer jets
Rain sensor1
Rain sensor functionality
Headlamp wipers
Operationfront wipers
Normal (slow) speed
Reservoir level sensor
Wiper motor blocking protection
Intermittent adjustment
Diagnosticslhd model shown1
Charging and starting component
Td6 starter motor
Battery fitment table
Battery typev8 models
Passenger compartment fusebox
Passenger compartment fusebox relays
Electronic control unit
Light check module (lcm)
Exterior bulb type/rating table
Alarm indications
Redundant data storage
Headlamp assembly
Bi-xenon headlamps
Safety precautions
Bi-xenon / halogen beam comparison
Xenon headlamp construction
Crash signal activation
Front side and direction indicator lamp assembly
Front fog lamps
Side repeater lamps
Number plate lamps
Main beam/direction indicator column control switch
Trailer module harness connector c pin details
Light control switch illumination
Light control switch position
Automatic headlamp levelling (xenon headlamps only)
Instrument pack warning lamp illumination
Interior lighting component location
Front and rear interior lamps and map reading lamps
Door puddle lamps
Automatic operation
Crash signal operation
Bcu component location
Car/key memory
Load disconnection
Busbaud rate (kbit/s)
Locking and alarm component layout –
Locking and alarm systems
Side door latch
Upper tail door internal release switch
Lower tail door release switch
Rf remote handset
Rf receiver (where fitted)
Alarm system status indications
Alarm modealarm led
Alarm triggering limits
Immobilisation ecu harness connector
Tail door opening
Automatic locking
Repetition blocking
Lockout protection
Perimetric sensing
Windows component layout
Door module harness connectors c and c pin details
One-shot opening and closing
Convenience opening and closing
Mid audio system
Mid controls1
Mid harness connector c pin details
Multi-function display audio system
Mfd harness connector c pin details
Radio module harness connector c pin details
Cd autochanger harness connector c pin details
Amplifier harness connector c pin details
Dsp harness connector c pin details
Cassette operation
Mini disc operation
Mid function tests
Led function test
High line audio operation
Manual station selection
Traffic message channel
Regional stations
Cd autochanger operation
Television operation
Navigation system component location
New range rover navigation system
Navigation computer
Caution: if the unit is disconnected before the led goes out the computer could fail to complete its data
Navigation computer harness connector c pin details
Multi-function display
Multi-function display cassette slot
Entering a destination
Destination guide
Navigation system diagnostics
Ecu fault codes
Navigation / graphic element
Telephone system component location
Lamp statussystem status
Eject box harness connector c pin details
Tcu harness connector
Steering wheel switch pack
Voice recognition microphone
Voice operation of the navigation system
Ultrasonic sensors
I bus messages
Tpm reset switch
Tpm ecu harness connector c pin details
Wheel identification
Wheel confirmation
Pressure monitoring
Vandal monitoring
Instrument pack – front view
Analogue instruments
Warning lampillumination
Fuel level gauge
Liquid crystal display (lcd)
Coolant temperature
Ambient temperature sensor resistance/temperature values
Priority group p1
Priority group p3
Special messages sand s1
Message centre messages
Remaining distance display
Service interval indicator reset procedure
Gear position display
On-board computer
Computer controls – mid
Security code
On-board computer functions with column stalk switch
Mfd programming
Mid programming
Bus systemsingle/dual line
Instrument pack harness connectors
Test function no – instrument pack identification
Test numberfunction description
Test function no. 2 – system test
Test function no. 3 – service interval indicator data
Test function no. 5 – range consumption and range momentary value
Test function no. 6 – tank content values and display value
Test function no. 7 – momentary values for engine coolant temperature, engine speed and ambient
Test function no. 8 – momentary values for effective and displayed speed in km/h
Signalerror condition
Test function no. 11 – read units display
Test function no. 12 – average speed for arrival time calculation
Test function no. 14 – read self diagnostic error bytes
Test function no. 15 – display of input/output port status
Test function no. 16 – momentary value for engine oil temperature
Test function no. 17 – minute counter for radio controlled clock
Test function no. 20 – entry of correction factor for fuel consumption
Test function no. 21 – software reset
Operationwarning lamp activation
Warning lamp functionality
Supplementary restraint system (srs)
General brake warning / emergency brake assist warning
Engine oil pressure
Malfunction indicator lamp (mil) (check engine soon – nas)

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