R35 global transnet suspends Port Helicopter Service When the day is young

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MARCH 2014 / Vol. 6 / No. 3
Magazine for the Airline Charter Travel Business Defence Air Show Training & General Aviation Industries
Transnet suspends
Port Helicopter
When the day is young
Airbus Helicopters

AS350 B2
The dawn of woman in Aviation
Red Bull
Air Race
Aces Back in Action in Abu Dhabi
Aircraft Lifespan
Metal fatigue, design stress and inspections
Honeywell to focus on
safety and situational
MiG-25 Foxbat
One of the fastest Aircraft of the 20th Century
Robinson Helicopters
Introcuces Glass Avionics

2014 MARCH Vol. 6 / No /
Publisher: Mike de Villiers • 082 466 7757
Web design:
Cesar de Villiers cesare@globalaviator.co.za
Accounts: Tessa Jansen Van Rensburg tessa@globalaviator.co.za
Travel Editor: Charmaine de Villiers Cell 082 551 4377
Owen Zupp (AUS), Charmaine de Villiers (SA, Cesar de Villiers (SA, Mike Wright (SA, Dr Guy Gratton (UK, Helen Krasner (UK, Nico van
Remmerden (Holland, Skaiste Knyzaite, Richard Browne (CT, Tim Kern (USA).
PO Box 72416, Parkview, 2122 • 35 Main Road, Barbeque Downs, 1685
Tel 011 701 5050 Fax 086 515 2154 • www.globalaviator.co.za

Distribution by e-mail/internet/magzter.comeditorial enquiries
For sound and broadcast by the
Above: brian emmenis; mec ina cronje, deputy mayor of durban nomvuzo shabalala; dr clive
Professional pilot career opportunity…
Integrated course
Race calendar
Old rivalries, new rules
Killing the ideal
P&w marks the 50th anniversary of dependable service by their jt8d engine
Absolute aviation group – looking forward
Above: maisa hazeem is the first bahraini woman to qualify as
Tel: 013 737 8779 fax 013 737 8866 cel: 082 550 8975
Above: nassreen abdul hamid alhamadah hopes to continue her private pilots
Airbus to resurrect a340
Other airlines
Boeing ends 2013 with record
Airbus sets new records in
Airbus hired some 3,000
Boeing leads in the
Rolls-royce trent 700
Skukuzas resurfaced
Saa releases financial
Turkish airlines selects the thales topseries
Pak africa aviation (pty) ltd
Overall observations
Above: economy class seating – nice legroom-
Will workforce
Aeroflot becomes first russian airline
We now also offer regular flights to the
Boeing business jets delivers first two bbj s for 2014
Execujet africa
Boeing business jets
Gulfstream v is first swiss-registered aircraft based out of geneva
Gama aviation in switzerland celebrates the award of its aoc
Gulfstream cabin management
Aereas de mocambique
Now connecting you from johannesburg
During feb this year boeing delivered kuwait’s first c globemaster iii airlifter, an aircraft that will expand the kuwait air
Springs airfield
Aicraft lifespan:
Above: c-check on saas last b stripped to bare metal at saa technical.
The de havilland comet
Local airline inspection
Above: a luggage bay stripped for checking.
Concerns over
Left: a mig-25rb deploys its
Above: the engine intake of a mig-25rb.
General characteristics
Above: the left main landing gear bay.
Honeywell focuses on safety with situational awareness
Sikorsky begins
Transnet (sa)
Airbus helicopters to supply seven
Robinson introduces
A while back i was lucky enough to
Turbomeca arriel d engine, in the classroom to show students the hidden
Above: taxing out. when landing the astar lands right skid first and has ab iibtendency to drift left.
An as350b2 at home in the snow slopes and below
Lockheed martin receives $22 million support contract for saudi arabia
Nepal’s shree
Travira air to take delivery of two aw helicopters
Pt dirgantara indonesia
Help build the
A typical single engined aeroplane wat takeoff performance chart. this one also includes wind which is

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