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Goal 6: Surmount low productivity of tradables by transforming factors of

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Goal 6: Surmount low productivity of tradables by transforming factors of
production of the tradables sector through the implementation of strategies to
improve innovation and quality, and a focus on the international market.
On Track

T he GOES, through the customer service single window implemented at the Center for Imports and
Exports (CIEX), reduced the processing time required to approve exports through the Chemicals &
Pharmaceuticals Supervisory Board (JVPQF) by 86%, and the processing time required to approve exports
through the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAL) by 32%. The GOES-sponsored Supplier Development
Program (PDP), the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP), and private sector participants
signed an agreement of understanding with the USG to support financing the expansion of El Salvador’s
value-added supply chain. Both governments collaborated to improve the operations of the Production
Development Fund (FONDEPRO) of the Ministry of Economy (MINEC) resulting in a 228% increase in co-
financing to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in 2012. The USG and the GOES jointly assisted 89
SMEs access export markets through the Export Step by Step program. The USG, through the
Salvadoran chapter of Vital Voices, trained over 400 women entrepreneurs to develop export capacity.
The USG provided technical assistance to 20 SMEs to meet the quality standards required for world-class
retailers (including Wal-Mart). The first indicator for this goal is the Global Competitiveness index score
in Business Sophistication, which in 2012-2013 was ranked 82 out of 144; in 2011-2012 it was ranked 74
out of 142. The second indicator is the number of businesses with sales over $500,000 that are
exporting, which was 528 at the end of 2011. The figure for the end of 2012 will be available for the next

On track 12. reduce overcrowding in prisons on track
Constraint 1: crime and insecurity
Goal 2: improve the effectiveness of the criminal justice procedures and practices
Goal 3: reduce the impact of organized crime on small and medium businesses,
Goal 4: facilitate economic growth by ensuring el salvador’s labor force is
Goal 5: remove assets from criminal organizations and fund and support security
Behind schedule
Goal 8: assist at-risk youth between ages 16-25 through efforts to afford them
Goal 9: support the pnc to strengthen its service orientation as a means for
Goal 10: improve educational opportunities for in-school and out-of-school youth
Goal 11: prevent crime and violence in key municipalities of el salvador and
Goal 12: reduce overcrowding in prisons, thereby allowing the salvadoran prison
Salvador, and help former offenders become full, contributing members of
Constraint 2: low productivity in the tradables sector
Goal 2: reduce firms costs due to infrastructure to improve their
Goal 3: improve the quality of the education system in order to create a more
Goal 4: raise (net) tax revenues to 16 percent of gdp by 2015 and use public
Goal 5: support a strategy for attracting and promoting fdi and making el

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