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Goal 3: Improve the quality of the education system in order to create a more

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Goal 3: Improve the quality of the education system in order to create a more
highly qualified and technologically skilled labor force. The Governments of El
Salvador and the United States will join forces to help ensure that education of
the labor supply matches labor market demand.
On Track
T he GOES, through the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (MTPS), provided job placement services
resulting in new employment offers to more than 6,000 job seekers. The Employment Mediation
System” (SIE) database was modernized to facilitate access to employment opportunities, and the GOES
implemented an automated system for labor market data collection. The US. Department of Labor
provided technical assistance to the MTPS to assist the GOES on labor data collection and reporting. The
Professional Training Institute (INSAFORP), in collaboration with the USG, trained 770 young people, 453
of whom successfully obtained employment. The Ministry of Education (MINED) designed and updated
the curriculum for the Vocational Technical Baccalaureate program to better respond to labor market
demands. In addition, the MINED trained 40 professionals in the field of aquafarming, and provided
scholarships to 5,583 students in technical fields. The USG provided training to 700 English teachers, and
sent 14 English language professionals to Costa Rica for training. Additionally, 190 of the 400 students
enrolled in the English Access Micro-Scholarship Program will graduate in December 2012. The USG and
GOES created 13 alliances with associations and private companies to expand labor opportunities one
such alliance trained 200 youth in English language and Computer Science. Also during the last period,
49 students received scholarships to study in the United States. With respect to the two indicators for
this goal, the 2012‐13 Global Competitiveness Index ranks El Salvador 105 out of 144 in the Higher
Education and Training pillar, essentially no change from the prior period (105 out of 142), and 121 out
of 144 in the Labor Market Efficiency pillar, a decline from the prior period (108 out of 142).

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