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Goal 11: Prevent crime and violence in key municipalities of El Salvador and

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Goal 11: Prevent crime and violence in key municipalities of El Salvador and
support reforms, as outlined on components 2 (Social Prevention of Violence and
Crime) and 5 (Institutional and Legal Reform) of the National Policy for Justice,
Public Safety and Violence Prevention.
On Track
The USG and GOES continue to work jointly to prevent crime in selected municipalities through municipal
prevention councils. During the last semester, the GOES strengthened 75 councils throughout the country
by providing training, expanding membership, developing annual work plans, and identifying funding for
select community violence prevention projects. Additionally, the USG and GOES prioritized support to
three additional councils in the San Salvador metropolitan area during this reporting period. The
formation and management of these councils and the implementation of prevention projects both at the
community and municipal level helped significantly reduce various common crimes. Similar to the
national homicide rates, in ten of the prioritized municipalities – Ciudad Arce, Ilopango, Nahuizalco,
Tonacatepeque, Ilopango, Zaragoza, San Martín, Santa Ana, Chalchuapa and El Congo – homicide rates
have decreased. Additionally, the GOES published the National Policy for Justice, Public Security and
Coexistence, which outlines key strategies to combat violence and crime.

On track 12. reduce overcrowding in prisons on track
Constraint 1: crime and insecurity
Goal 2: improve the effectiveness of the criminal justice procedures and practices
Goal 3: reduce the impact of organized crime on small and medium businesses,
Goal 4: facilitate economic growth by ensuring el salvador’s labor force is
Goal 5: remove assets from criminal organizations and fund and support security
Behind schedule
Goal 8: assist at-risk youth between ages 16-25 through efforts to afford them
Goal 9: support the pnc to strengthen its service orientation as a means for
Goal 10: improve educational opportunities for in-school and out-of-school youth
Goal 12: reduce overcrowding in prisons, thereby allowing the salvadoran prison
Salvador, and help former offenders become full, contributing members of
Constraint 2: low productivity in the tradables sector
Goal 2: reduce firms costs due to infrastructure to improve their
Goal 3: improve the quality of the education system in order to create a more
Goal 4: raise (net) tax revenues to 16 percent of gdp by 2015 and use public
Goal 5: support a strategy for attracting and promoting fdi and making el

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