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WORLD, external, how to underatnd the external world

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WORLD, external, how to underatnd the external world How did the reader come to understand the world, was it not step by step Let’s take a quick but closeup look at this step by step learning process. (If the following is a little too technical bear with it) Researchers have discovered that the basic "frame-arrays" that allow the mind to begin this step by step procedure to build a worldview are part of the original brain already provided for us at birth. At that starting point, we begin accumulating sensory input and building our understanding of the external world. The mind for instance, orients itself wherever it is located, by attaching some type of grid, such as up-left, up, upright, etc. or southeast, west, and north. This happens both in a normal person, and within the mind-controlled slave whose orientating system
(compass/clock) is programmed in. In the mind, as it creates "internal visual maps" of what the mind sees in a room, it associates items in the room with prelearned frames, such as the ceiling, the floor, the four walls. Then items are attached at the neural level to these frames. While we can interchange & reuse frames, the information attached to them remains fixed. As the mind looks in a different direction a Kline, which has been developed to record the finished visual maps that the mind has created, is then activated. As the items are filed the mind compares what has been "seen" (mapped) with previous patterns & interconnects (overlays) the new memory. The bottom line is that learning is a step by step process. The programmers have given each alter exactly what they want that alter to see and know, line upon line, precept upon precept. They have finished that programming, teaching & training with strict programming that the alters are not to question anything, and that they are to accept what is there. They have closed off the five senses to many of the alters. For years when psychologists got non-host alters, they thought that many of these other alters were delusional, psychotic, and insane. Actually, there was nothing abnormal about these alters. Their perceptions were totally inline with what they had been allowed to learn and experience. Hopefully, at some point, experiences like this will begin to restrain the therapeutic community from attaching labels on people, rather than understanding them. When the deeper alters hold the body, they receive a cultural shock. The internal world is actually a protection for them to prevent them from having to come in contact with the external world. When they do take a peek at the external world, they try to understand it from their extremely limited viewpoint. The typical response for deeper alters is to run back into the internal world and hide. They are very skittish. They have been told that the outside world will not understand them, and generally this is soon validated by whoever they meet in the outside world. They are like an American left to fend for himself in the middle of mainland China. So how can the therapist encourage skittish deeper alters to take a look at the world Over along period of time, deeper alters will begin to get internal glimpses and hearsay messages passed down the grapevine that so-and-so alter took the body and it went OK. Over a period of time, they will begin to develop a trust that they can come out and not be hurt. They generally do not know the simple things of life, such as how to use a microwave, how to use a teller machine, etc. Even a modern telephone maybe anew

thing. This is where a hour support team member who understands the situation can help provide a safe loving environment for the deeper alters to have as their first exposure to the world on their own. Now the therapist/support persons need to begin to teach those alters to ask questions, and to think on their own. They need to discover emotions and their senses. They need to experience life in a reduced trance state, so they see reality better. This freedom in the Page 512 ... outside world will begin unshackling them from the internal world. They have never had a taste of life, outside of the cult world & hidden internal world. Contrary to what some believe, alters are changed by their environment, although the programming does inhibit change. Remember how small children go through a stage where they cling to their mothers and are afraid of strangers How is this stage dealt with The child naturally grows out of it with exposure to the world. Likewise, the deeper alters gradually lose their fear of the outside world as they are exposed to it. Many of these deeper alters have been locked away in their internal world for 20 or 30 or 40 years. There have been great changes over the years. If they are to participate with the front alters, they will have to take ownership to the front alters relationships, and the front alters relatives. They will have to learn that they have a telephone number, and an address. As they function more and more in the real world, the pull to go home (home to the master "Daddy) will decrease. The support team can give them a taste of life. This is where they will need help. The deeper alters will often show reluctance to experience new things, but if their initial fears can be overcome, they may enjoy the activity more than they realized. It really is a catch 22. Let’s say you want a deeper alter to enjoy a birthday party. Birthdays are exceptionally big triggers, and all kinds of horrible junk will surface in terms of memories. The child slave has had "surprises" that has conditioned these child alters to hate surprises. A small child may have been given ahead in a gift wrapped box. Who knows all of what has been done to the child on its birthday in the past. How does one reframe the meaning of birthdays Any attempt to reframe birthdays by giving a happy celebration will simply trigger the deeper alters. One thing that might be tried is to have a strong deeper alter hold the body, and put most of the other alters to sleep or wall them off from the birthday activities. After the one alter survives the birthday without any major traumas, that success can filter down through the deeper layers. That doesn’t mean that the rest have had a good time. They have likely gone through hell during the day. But at least a small step forward has been taken, and gradually perhaps year after year, a slow refraining process can be worked on. There is not any outside activity which won’t have a sharp edge to it somewhere in the deeper parts of the system. (This is one reason why it is ludicrous to think that integration is the only answer, or that lots of slaves have already achieved integration. If there were ever a programmed multiple that got complete integration, the integrated system would pull in so many phobias as they united, that the system wouldn’t function) There needs to be work to reframe their view of life. There needs to be work on the fears. Through conditioning by exposure to the joys of life, the sharp edges of life can be blunted. The present methods of therapy (1 hour a week in an office) have no real mechanism to give the deeper alters the safe, guided exposure to the outside world that they need to stretch themselves. We hope we have communicated that

the needs of the deeper alters during an everyday experience in the real world are extremely great. They need a loving wise support person to help them in the external world, this is not something that should be left haphazardly in the hands of some friend of the client who doesn’t understand programming and DID. Exposure to the world can greatly help breakdown the lies of the programming and the power of the programming, but this tool is being neglected today in therapy, or thrown away by simply having perhaps an aunt of the client take them out fora movie. Programmed multiple systems are great at putting on fronts. It takes someone with an understanding of the system to really take advantage of the power of exposing the system to the real external world. Finally, the alter system can develop internal processes to speedup the exposure of Page 513 ... alters to the external world. They can teach each other and help supervise each other as alters step out into the external world. By doing this they can shorten the time it would take for so many different people to reorient their thinking. The Illuminati programmers will occasionally punish troublesome alters by locking them mentally (internally) in a box, against these alters wishes. This is just as traumatic for these alters as it would be for the therapist to experience being locked in a box for months. Therapists need to stay on top of these kinds of situations and take responsibility to find missing alters who have helped with therapy but have been punished by being locked away. Some therapists have a policy of only working with those alters that show up for therapy. They don’t understand the internal structuring and how alters that cooperate with them can be punished and locked up. Therapists need to develop some sense of commitment to help rescue alters that have "stuck their necks on the line" by working with the therapist. In summary, although support groups and therapy sessions are helpful, great opportunities to destroy programming and expose the programming lies are lost because skilled support people are not available to help guide deeper alters into experiencing, understanding & coping with the external world. Page 514 ...

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Summary & final comments
Illustrations & photographs

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