Part 1 How the Control Comes about

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SPLIT-BRAIN PROGRAMMING One of the most powerful programming tools is the use of split-brain programming. In order to insure the continued secrecy and success of the use of alters who function only from one hemisphere, the Illuminati used their psychiatrists to spread the notion that split-brain programming was simply a hypnotic program, a trick of the mind. The reality is that one side of the brain is physically drugged to sleep with an injection while the victim is traumatized to create parts. Vol. 2 covers methods used in split brain programming. After a single hemisphere part (alter) is created, it can then be further programmed by each of its two eyes viewing different films simultaneously. Actually, the split-brain films begin during the splitting tortures. If a programmer wants apart to assassinate a particular person, they will often create a particular part for just that

assignment. While they are torturing the mind to get that part who will do the job, they will be showing films of the crimes supposedly done by the person who is the target of the assassination mission. The programmer doesn’t know exactly when the mind will split apiece so the films are run during the entire trauma-splitting process. The crime films and what needs to be done will be run during the process. The part that is created for this specific job will be accessed after the mission and destroyed by shattering it with trauma, and then the shattered parts will be locked up in a concentration camp in the mind. This specialized type of assassination programming is done usually with men. Sometimes the programmers are too busy or don’t have the patience and they merely put in a shattering program, that self-triggers when the slave’s mission is complete and shatters that piece using the internal programming capabilities of the slave’s mind. This works fine, but the risk of leakage is somewhat greater. Special alters created fora single drug run or money laundering run for an important politician will be created and destroyed in a very sophisticated hi-tech fashion. There will be no split-brain alter left for the therapist to work with, only tiny fragments locked up in very deep secure parts of the mind. However, the key to understanding why these dissociative pieces (alters) are so good at their jobs is SPLIT-BRAIN PROGRAMMING. That is why it has been kept such a secret. Alters who have been created when only one hemisphere was awake will either operate only on logic or operate only on emotion. Alters who operate only on logic serve in roles such as assassination alters just described and internal programming alters. These alters will carryout inhumane horrible atrocities upon others and themselves because they have no emotions. On the other side, an alter which has no logic can be hypnotically told to act like Betty Boop (the cartoon figure) and they will emotionally carryout this assignment, because they have no logic to tell them that people don’t act like Betty Boop, a cartoon figure. An alter who has no logic can easily be made into a doorknob or some other illogical form. These alters will only function from the side of the mind they were created from. Overtime, the Illuminati has discovered that alters with split brain programming do not gain the advantage of the other hemisphere, but remain stunted. This is why it is so difficult for therapists to "contaminate" internal programmers with positive thinking. Internal programming alters can make themselves co-conscious with other alters who want to be free of programming, and the programming alters don’t sense the horror of the abuse with which they subject the rest of the system. Page 502 ...

Deeper insights into
Breeding good subjects for hypnosis
Training the unborn child
Common illuminati work with twins
Selection of adult candidates for mind-control
U.s. govt. mind-control level 1.
U.s. govt. mind-control level 2.
U.s. govt. mind-control level 3.
U.s. govt. mind-control level 5
Testing young children to plan the programming.
Daily abuse works best for programming
A trauma to develop animal alters
The use of drugs
Classifying mind-drugs
Administration of drugs for programming
More programming drugs
Stabilizing the programming
Extensive research done to influence human memory by
One type of experience of victim hypnotic drug a mind-
What the mind-control programmers use to manipulate memory.
Hiding the codes
Programming with lsd
Chemically triggering natural instinctual drives
Sexual stimulation-programming
Adrenalchrome (adrenal chromaffin)
Hypnosis & the occult
Understanding the basics about hypnosis
The power of hypnosis
Understanding the deeper mechanics of hypnosis
Programming aids
Using holograms as an access aid
Preparing the brain
Early training for slaves
Magical training on the starlight level
The monarch programming script for over the rainbow
Induction training script
Bringing the slave out of trance
Deep trance programming
Color programming
The association of colorful sights, sounds, rhythm & dance.
Light & color
Special colors
Healing by correct vibrations & rays
Using hypnosis to heal the slave after abuse.
And the beat goes on...
Hypnotic codes, cues and triggers
Tones & cords
Rings, credit cards, tokens etc.
Program codes during 1972-1976 for dr. green
Appendix b.
Dictionary of programming centers (cont. from vol. 2)
Deep underground military bases (dumb bases)
Selected top secret underground installations that
Appendix 3. clones,
Some of the films that show existing technology:
Oregon’s underground secret cloning facility
Further investigations at dulce’s underground cloning
Summary of the four methods.
Contents for part 2
Intake questionnaire
Self-inflicted harm, how to handle
Triggers, how to defuse
Abusers, confrontations or not
Deliverance, understanding
Hypnosis, self, ins & outs of
Mirrors, how to deal with
Self-forgiveness, to achieve
The harvest of weeping
An overview of what the support team faces
Boundaries & roles
Communications issues
Denial, how to deal with the therapists or ministers
Depression (initial client complaint)
Detection of mind-control
Eating disorders (as an initial problem, and as a deeper issue)
When mind-control victims with eating disorders first
Evaluation forms
Sample questions in areas of inquiry
Fear, how to handle
Fear, what f. issues do victims have (f. is an initial issue for victims)
Initial questionaire
If some of these are yes
Multiplicity, understanding
Panic attacks, suggestions
Understanding programming
Protection, spiritual
Elements of the world-system & its satanic inspired quest
The unique power of the truth, "ye shall know the truth
Other items of protection
Special situations where spiritual protection is needed
Where will the enemy counterattack after progress is
Safety issues, of slave
The safety of child victims
Safety issues, of support team
The good news
Spiritual issues
Structuring, how it is done, its consequences and its treatment
Suffering (client complaint)
Suicidal thoughts (early client complaint)
Immediate suicide threat
Support team, organizing one
Traumas, foundational traumas, how to master understanding what
Truth, discernment of
Abreactions, avoidence of
The correct goal & some basic techniques.
Abreactions, understanding
Child’s subconscious mind protects itself:
Visible clues in victim:
Visible clues in the victim:
Alters, how to work with deep illuminati alters (issues for therapists)
How to work with deeper illuminati parts
Treat with respect
Denial, identifying and dealing with defense mechanisms
Dreamwork, understanding
Part a. the meaning of dreams
Part b. dream telepathy & mpd
Part ca listing of research into mpd (did) & dreams
Part d. important findings of mpd (did) dream research
Part e. our suggestions concerning mpd dream work
Part f. standard illuminati programming concerning dreams & memories
Family, rebuilding a shattered family
Flooding, how to deal with
Benefiting from grief by fritz
Guilt, dealing with (also see art. on "self-forgiveness)
Identity, discovering it
Implants, dealing with
Integration, understanding
Internal information, how to get i.i.
Assisting the victim to see.
Difficulties, preexisting & created.
Where to search for information.
Jobs, new ones for alters
Justice system, dealing with the broken j.s.
How to deal with mazes
How to deal with mirrors
Programming, foundations, destruction of
Crocell--this demon makes the noise like rushing water that alters talk about hearing in their internal worlds.
Guardians--enforcer demons are put in place to protect the system.
Malphas--a builder of high towers. he may also get involved with the hypnosis.
Raum-- he destroys internal parts or internal cities.
Succubus--a female demon who preys on men sexually. this demon will be active during rituals.
Alter: you can’t love what isn’t.
Alter: god can’t love us.
Rationales, of the abusers
Reality vs perception
Responsibilities, tips to face new ones
Salvation, obtaining it, issues for multiples
Satanic cults, understanding the practice of
Demonology, and its relation to mind-control and the satanic cults.
Exercises to rewire the brain’s hemisphere’s together for
Surveillance, dealing with surveillance
Tips for therapists
Transference, issues of
Will be varied.
Can happen naturally.
Can be worked with during therapy.
Transference issues call for teams.
Selection & preparation.
Drugs a. placed in front of mirrors under drugs to take on (internalize) the identity of the other person.
Body manipulation
External controls
Advantages gained from working with twins together
Deeper cult parts
A final trick
World, external, how to underatnd the external world
Worlds, the destruction of
Understanding the st human brain,
Manipulation of the reptilian brain
How the worlds are built & the computers rebuild worlds
How the demons protect the system, & how they in turn are
What people in the past have done, and why they have not
Getting meaningful assistance from a system
Summary & final comments
Illustrations & photographs

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