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2002 Buick Park Avenue
Owner’s Manual
Litho in U.S.A.
ECopyright General Motors Corporation 06/14/01
Part Number 25728656 A First Edition
All Rights Reserved

the BUICK Emblem and the name PARK AVENUE are registered trademarks of General Motors Corporation.
This manual includes the latest information at the time it was printed. We reserve the right to make changes after that time without further notice. For vehicles first sold in Canada, substitute the name General Motors of
Canada Limited for Buick Motor Division whenever it appears in this manual.
Please keep this manual in your vehicle, so it will be there if you ever need it when you’re on the road. If you sell the vehicle, please leave this manual in it so the new owner can use it.
We support voluntary technician certification.

For canadian owners who prefer a
Vehicle damage warnings
Section 1seats and restraint systems
Seats and seat controls
Four-way power lumbar control (option)
Memory seat and mirrors (if equipped)
Heated seats (option)
Reclining front seatbacks
Head restraints
Safety belts they’re for everyone
Why safety belts work
Here are questions many people ask
If i’m a good driver, and i never drive far from
Lap-shoulder belt
Shoulder belt height adjuster
What’s wrong with this?
Also, the belt would apply too much force to the
Safety belt use during pregnancy
Right front passenger position
Caution:you can be severely injured or killed in a crash if
The side impact airbags for the driver and right
How the air bag systems work
What makes an airbag inflate?
What will you see after an airbag inflates?
Caution:when an airbag inflates, there is dust in the air.
Notice:if you damage the covering for the driver’s or the
Caution:for up to 10 seconds after the ignition key is
Rear seat passengers
Caution:you can be seriously hurt if your shoulder belt is
Infants and young children
Caution:children who are up against, or very close to, any
Caution:newborn infants need complete support,
How do child restraints work?
Where to put the restraint
Securing a child restraint in a rear
Securing a child restraint in the center
Securing a child restraint in the right
Older children
Caution:never do this.
Checking your restraint systems
Replacing restraint system parts
Section 2features and controls
Notice:your vehicle has a number of features that can help
Central door unlocking system
Automatic door locks
Customizing your automatic door locks feature
Delayed locking
Rear door security locks
Canceling the rear door security lock
Personal choice features
Security feedback
Battery replacement
That will force outside air into your vehicle.
Trunk security override
Parking at night
Content theft
Testing the alarm
Canadian owners:
New vehicle “break
To use the engine coolant heater
Automatic transaxle operation
See shifting into park
Reverse (r): use this gear to back up.notice:
Neutral (n) while your engine is racing.
Notice:don’t drive in second (2) for more than
Notice:if your front wheels can’t rotate, don’t try to
Leaving your vehicle with the
Running your engine while
Caution:it can be dangerous to get out of your vehicle if
Turn signal/multifunction lever
Turn signal on chime
Flash-to-pass feature
Windshield wipers
Rainsenset ii wipers (if equipped)
Notice:turn the wiper band to off to avoid wiper
Caution:in freezing weather, don’t use your washer until
Caution:d cruise control can be dangerous where you
Setting cruise control
Increasing speed while using cruise control
Reducing speed while using cruise control
Using cruise control on hills
Erasing speed memory
Lamps on reminder
Twilight sentinel
Interior lamps
Delayed entry lighting
Delayed exit lighting
Front reading lamps
Battery rundown protection
Electrochromic day/night rearview mirror
Mirror operation
Compass calibration
Compass variance
Power remote control outside
Parallel park assist mirror (if equipped)
Convex outside mirror
Storage compartments
Your garage door transmitter
Rear storage armrest (if equipped)
Ashtrays and cigarette lighter
Sun visorsilluminated visor vanity mirror
Auxiliary power outlets
Notice:when using auxiliary power outlets:
Notice:power outlets are designed for accessory plugs
Onstar services button:
Cellular antenna
Stolen vehicle tracking:
Vehicle locator service:
Sunroof (option)
Programming the homelink transmitter
Training a garage opener with a“rolling
Canadian programming
Erasing channels
The instrument panel
Standard cluster (united states version shown, canada similar)
Notice:do not operate the engine with the tachometer in
Safety belt reminder light
Caution:if the airbag readiness light stays on after you
Battery warning light
Caution:your brake system may not be working properly
Anti-lock brake system warning light
Traction control system warning
Engine coolant temperature gage
Notice:if you keep driving your vehicle with this light
If the light is flashing
If the light is on steady
Emissions inspection and maintenance programs
Oil pressure light
Caution:don’t keep driving if the oil pressure is low. if
Security light
Driver information center (dic)
Gage info (information):
Odo/trip (odometer/trip)
Instantaneous fuel economy:
Gage infocoolant temperature:
Oil life system:
Exp (export id)
Stability system active
Tire pressure status
Parallel park assist
Perimeter lighting
Memory seat recall
Notice:although the hud image appears to be near the
Care of the hud
Ultrasonic rear parking assist
Section 3comfort controls and audio systems
Comfort controls
Mode buttonsvent:
Auto (automatic climate control):
Air conditioning
Rear window defogger
Notice:don’t use a razor blade or something else sharp
Personal choice comfort controls
Ventilation system
Ventilation tips
Setting the clock
Finding a station
P scan (preset scan):
Setting preset stations
Setting the tone (bass/treble)
Adjusting the speakers (balance/fade)
Am-fm stereo with cassette tape and
Cassette tape messages
Trunk-mounted cd changer (option)
Playing a compact disc
Personal choice radio controls
Theft-deterrent feature
Activating the theft
Unlocking the theft
Disabling the theft
Audio steering wheel controls
Cellular phone usage
Notice:before you add any sound equipment to your
Care of your compact discs
Heated backlite antenna
Section 4your driving and the road
Drunken driving
Caution:drinking and then driving is very dangerous.
Anti-lock brake system (abs)
Using anti-
Steeringpower steering
Steering in emergencies
Loss of control
Driving at night
Driving in rain and on wet roads
Caution:wet brakes can cause accidents. they won’t work
Driving through deep standing water
Some other rainy weather tips
Freeway driving
Before leaving on a long trip
Highway hypnosis
Hill and mountain roads
Caution:if you don’t shift down, your brakes could get
Winter driving
Driving on snow or ice
If you’re caught in a blizzard
Caution:snow can trap exhaust gases under your vehicle.
Recreational vehicle towing
Dinghy towing
Loading your vehicle
Caution:do not load your vehicle any heavier than the
Caution:things you put inside your vehicle can strike
If you do decide to pull a trailer
Weight of the trailer
Weight of the trailer tongue
Total weight on your vehicle’s tires
Driving with a trailer
Following distance
Making turnsnotice:
Driving on grades
When you are ready to leave after
Engine cooling when trailer towing
Other warning devices
Notice:damage to your vehicle may result from electrical
Towing your vehicle
If you keep driving when your engine is
If you do, you can be burned.
Cool is added to
Caution:adding only plain water to your cooling system
You can be burned if you spill coolant on hot
If a tire goes flat
Changing a flat tire
Removing the spare tire and tools
Removing wheel covers and wheel nut caps
Removing the flat tire and installing the
Caution:getting under a vehicle when it is jacked up is
Caution:rust or dirt on the wheel, or on the parts to
Caution:incorrect wheel nuts or improperly tightened
If you try to put a wheel cover on your compact
Storing the spare tire and tools
Notice:when the compact spare is installed, don’t take
Caution:if you let your tires spin at high speed, they can
Section 6service and appearance care
Caution:you can be injured and your vehicle could be
Gasoline specifications
Fuels in foreign countries
Caution:if you get gasoline on yourself and then
Notice:if you need anew fuel cap, be sure to get the
Engine compartment overview
When to add engine oil
What kind of engine oil to use
Notice:use only engine oil with the american
When to change engine oil
How to reset the oil life system (if equipped)
What to do with used oil
Engine air cleaner/filter
Caution:operating the engine with the air cleaner/filter
Supercharger oil
Automatic transaxle fluid
Checking the fluid level
How to add fluid
Engine coolant
Notice:when adding coolant, it is important that you
Caution:turning the radiator pressure cap when the
Your radiator pressure cap is a 15 psi (105 kpa)
How to check power steering fluid
Windshield washer fluid
Notice:d when using concentrated washer fluid,
Caution:if you have too much brake fluid, it can spill on
Caution:with the wrong kind of fluid in your brake
Caution:the brake wear warning sound means that soon
Brake pedal travel
Vehicle storage
Notice:to make sure your headlamps are aimed
Front turn signal
Trunk-mounted rear turn signals,
Windshield wiper
Notice:don’t let anyone tell you that underinflation or
Check tire pressure system (if equipped)
Tire inspection and rotation
Caution:rust or dirt on a wheel, or on the parts to which
Buying new tires
Caution:mixing tires could cause you to lose control while
Uniform tire quality grading
Traction --
Wheel alignment and tire balance
Caution:using the wrong replacement wheels, wheel bolts
Cleaning the inside of your vehicle
Using cleaner on fabric
Cleaning leather
Cleaning speaker covers
Cleaning the outside of your vehicle
Cleaning exterior lamps/lenses
Notice:machine compounding or aggressive polishing on
Cleaning aluminum or
Notice:when applying a tire dressing always take care to
Underbody maintenance
Chemical paint spotting
Engine identification
Main and auxiliary instrument panel fuse blocks
Main instrument panel fuse block
Auxiliary instrument panel fuse block
Part a scheduled
Selecting the right schedule
Short trip/city intervals
Every 150,000 miles (240 000 km):
Scheduled maintenance
Short trip/city scheduled maintenance
Actualserviced by:
Long trip/highway scheduled maintenance
Part b owner checks and services
At least once a month
Wiper blade check
Starter switch check
Automatic transaxle shift lock control
Ignition transaxle lock check
Part c periodic
Part d recommended fluids
Customer satisfaction procedure
Customer assistance for text
From:puerto rico:
Roadside assistance
Canadian roadside assistance
Plan ahead when possible
Transportation options
Courtesy rental vehicle
Additional program information
Canadian vehicles:
Reporting safety defects to
Service publications ordering information

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