Nikon coolpix995 Digital Camera

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Nikon COOLPIX995 Digital Camera 

Nikon COOLPIX995 Digital Camera User Manual 

Display Conventions 

Here are some display conventions used in our online LiveManuals.  


All buttons and keys appear in a green color, like this:  


Press the 



Hold down the 



Text that displays on the device's panel appears in a blue color, like this:  


The message 


 appears on the display.  


 prompts you to confirm the procedure.  

Before Using the Camera  

For Your Safety  

This section contains important safety information. Read this section in its entirety before using your COOLPIX995 or the 

software provided with your camera.  


Warnings and cautions  
Diopter adjustment
Notice concerning prohibition of copying or reproduction  
Cautions on certain copies and reproductions 
Comply with copyright notices 
Disclaimer of liability 
Fast track guide
Life-long learning
Monitor  button   5. quick
T  button  zooms the camera in.   5. press the 
Quick  button. press the  quick
Mode  dial to off and open the battery chamber cover. 
Mode  dial to and check the battery power on the control panel or monitor.
Supplied li-ion rechargeable battery
Mode  dial to 
Printing image date/time with a photo 
Mode  dial to      . the language 
The languages available in the "language" sub-menu are:
Note :   inserting the cf memory card 
Note:   formatting cf memory cards 
Menu  button to complete the operation. 
Useful advice on coolpix camera techniques  
Using the swivel
Self-portrait pictures 
Pressing the  shutter release
Simple shooting and playback  
Position  operation 
Note :   composing using image in viewfinder.
Zoom button     use the  zoom
Shutter release
Note :   recording on cf memory cards 
Image size  image quality 
Mode  dial to      .   6. press the 
Focus mode  button several times until 
Full-frame playback 
Deleting photographs in full-frame playback 
Connect coolpix995 to a computer
Detailed operations  
To set the image quality, press the 
Rotate the  command
Setting  size (pixels) 
Command  dial while pressing the  focus mode
Autofocus options  
Keep pressing the 
Monitor  af mode 
Canceling digital zoom 
Exposure mode
Command  dial until  *
S : shutter-priority auto 
Turning the  command
Mode  button. the aperture and shutter speed are 
Exposure status 
Condition in which flash mode can be set 
Note:   slow sync flash 
Setting  indication 
Rotate the  command
Exposure compensation
Playback mode 
Card contains no images
Mode  dial to 
Deleting individual photographs  
Delete  button 
To select manual focus rotate the 
Note:   manual focus 
In these instances, the following alternative focus method is suggested. 
Shooting mode 
Movie playback mode 
Press the  focus mode
Quick  button is pressed when the  mode
Card contains no images 
Full-screen review mode  
Display  description 
Note:   activating an optional speedlight 
Separate menus are available for each mode: 
Playback  playback options      a
Command  dial to display the icon for the desired option. 
Note:   when you select measure 
Auto : automatically shifts the spot metering area  to one of five focus areas.   manual 
Options  description 
Note :   cf memory card
Shutter  release
Note:   speedlight 
Note :   best shot selector
Bss on     holding down the  shutter release
Saturation control 
Note :   lens setting
Exposure mode 
Image sharpening  
Note :   image sharpening setting 
Off  bracketing is off.  on 
Number of shots, 
Note :   time taken to save an image to the cf memory card
Up / down
Display mode 
Up menu. press the
Manual focus, cf card format, delete, protect, hide image, 
Image file numbers and folder numbers
Cf card format  
Controls   shooting set-up items
Func. 1  pressing the  mode
Done  completes the setting. mode
Setting func. 1/2 
Note :   exposure in fixed aperture setting
Shot confirm lamp 
Video mode   you can set the video output mode to either ntsc
Choosing from the playback menu  
Up  /  down
Playback of photos taken in ultra hs mode 
Press  up
After the slide show is finished:
Left  /  right
Left / right
Left  / right
Auto transfer 
Displaying the playback set-up menu  
Brightness adjusts monitor brightness  hue 
No  does not format the cf memory card.  format 
Ntsc  selects the ntsc standard (japan, usa).  pal 
Note :   connecting the ac adapter
Note :   transferring image data
Note :   usb hub 
Note:   operation when connected to a computer 
Reading photographs from memory cards 
Wideangle converter wc-e63
Telephoto converter tc-e3ed
Multi-flash bracket unit sk-e900/ttl multi-flash adapter as-e900
Remote cord mc-eu1
Pc card adapter ec-ad1
Note:   using cf memory cards 
Cleaning   lens/viewfinder
Power  problem
Control panel 

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