Netgear xs716T/XS708t software User Manual

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350 East Plumeria Drive
San Jose, CA 95134
June 2018 202-11652-03
8-Port, Port, and Port
10-Gigabit Smart Managed Pro Switch
Models XS708T, XS712Tv2, and XS716T
User Manual

XS708T, XS712Tv2, and XS716T Smart Managed Pro Switch User Manual
Thank you for purchasing this NETGEAR product. You can visit to register your product, get help, access the latest downloads and user manuals, and join our community. We recommend that you use only official NETGEAR support resources.
For the current EU Declaration of Conformity, visit
For regulatory compliance information, visit
See the regulatory compliance document before connecting the power supply.
Do not use this device outdoors. If you connect cables or devices that are outdoors to this device, see
for safety and warranty information.
© NETGEAR, Inc, NETGEAR, and the NETGEAR Logo are trademarks of NETGEAR, Inc. Any non-NETGEAR trademarks are used for reference purposes only.

Revision history
Chapter 2 configure system information
Xs708t, xs712tv2, and xs716t smart managed pro switch user manual
Chapter 3 configure switching
Chapter 4 configure routing
Chapter 5 configure quality of service
Chapter 6 manage device security
Chapter 7 monitor the system
Chapter 8 maintenance
Appendix a configuration examples
Appendix b specifications and default settings
Get started 10
Change the default ip address of the switch
Static assignment through the smart control center
Get started 11
Get started 14
Warning:when you change the ip address of your administrative system, you
Get started 16
About the user interfaces
Software requirements to use the web interface
Navigation tab
Web interface buttons
Deleteclicking the delete
Get started 21
Solid green. the power is supplied to the switch and operating normally.•
Configure interface settings
Get started 23
To configure multiple ports:
Get started 26
Context–sensitive help and access to the support
Get started 27
Configure system information
System contact
Table 6. fan status
To view the system cpu status:
To configure the cpu thresholds
Falling interval
To display the usb device information:
Inactive. the device is not mounted. •
To configure the network information for the management interface:
Table 11. usb directory details information
To view the ipv6 network neighbor table
Configure the time setting manually
Table 13. sntp global status information
Other. the status of the last request is unknown.•
Table 13. sntp global status information (continued)
T1. time that the original request was sent by the client.•
Add an sntp server
Other. the status of the last request is unknown, or no sntp responses were received.•
Non recurring
Week. configure the start week.•
Day. configure the start day.•
To view the daylight saving time status:
Table 16. daylight saving setting is non recurring (continued)
Denial of service icmpv4
Denial of service max icmpv6 packet size
Denial of service smac=dmac
Denial of service tcp fragment
Denial of service tcp syn
Configure dns settings
Configure and view host name-to-ip address information
To remove an entry from the dynamic host mapping table:
View all entries
To configure green ethernet local and remote devices
Configure the snmpv1/v2 community
Table 23. interface green mode eee lpi history information (continued)
Add an snmp trap receiver
Snmp v1. the switch uses snmpv1 to send traps to the receiver. the default setting is snmp v1
Modify information about an existing snmp recipient
Admin status. select the status for transmitting and receiving lldp packets:-
Optional tlv(s)
Table 25. lldp-med network policy information
Transmit optional tlvs
Network policies information
Inventory information
Extended poe pse
Network policies
Managed addresses
Location information
Dhcp l relay interface configuration
Configure the global dhcp snooping settings
Enabled. the interface is considered to be trusted and forwards dhcp server messages without validation.8.
Table 26. dhcp dynamic configuration information
To configure dhcp snooping persistent settings:
To view and clear the dhcp snooping statistics:
Configure dai globally
Configure dai on an interface
To configure a dai acl with three rules and associate it with vlan 100:
Configure switching
To configure port settings:
Auto. all supported speeds.•
Table 28. port configuration information
Dest ip and dest tcp/udp port fields
Lacp. disables lacp on the selected la. the lag is configured automatically.13.
To configure lag membership
To configure lacp port priority settings:
Configure vlan settings
Tag all. for all ports that are members of the vlan, all egress packets are tagged.•
Table 30. advanced vlan membership
To configure pvid settings:
Table 31. vlan status (continued)
Add a mac-based vlan
Table 32. nonconfigurable fields on the pvid configuration page (continued)
To configure a protocol-based vlan group:
Members button.configure a voice vlan
Disable. this is the default value.•
Garp information declaration (gid)
Configure protocol-based port settings
Configure the oui table
To view the auto-voip status
Table 34. auto-voip status
Configure stp settings
Forward bpdu while stp disabled
Table 35. stp configuration status (continued)
Bridge max age (secs)
Bridge forward delay (secs)
To configure cst port settings:
To configure mst port settings:
Port priority
Port path cost
Disabled. stp is currently disabled on the port. the port forwards traffic while learning mac addresses.•
To view the mfdb table:
Configure igmp snooping
Table 46. igmp snooping table information
Report suppression mode
Query interval
To configure multicast router interfaces:
To configure a multicast router vlan:
Configure igmp snooping querier
Query interval(secs)
To configure an mld snooping querier:
Table 49. mld snooping querier vlan configuration information
View mvr statistics
View and configure the mac address table
Static. the value of the corresponding instance was added by the system or a user and cannot be relearned.•
Configure a static mac address
Table 54. global ip status information
Configure routing
Table 55. ip statistics information (continued)
Table 57. ipv6 vlan configuration information
Table 57. ipv6 vlan configuration information (continued)
Table 58. ipv6 statistics information (continued)
Table 59. icmpv6 statistics information
Table 59. icmpv6 statistics information (continued)
Table 60. ipv6 neighbor table information
Table 61. ipv6v route table information
Configure the ipv6 route preferences:
Table 61. ipv6v route table information (continued)
Use the vlan static routing wizard
To use the vlan static routing wizard
Configure a basic route
Configure address resolution protocol
Table 63. learned routes information
Display basic arp cache
Table 64. arp cache information
View or globally configure the arp table
Local. an arp entry associated with one of the switch’s routing interface’s mac addresses.•
Configure quality of service
Cos configuration
Configure global cos settings
To configure cos settings for an interface:
To configure cos queue settings for an interface:
Strict. weighted round robin associates a weight to each queue. this is the default setting.•
To map p priorities to queues:
Assured forwarding (af) phb
Manage differentiated services
Defining diffserv
Diffserv configuration
Table 66. diffserv status information
Class of service
Ethernet type
Destination mac
Protocol type
Destination ip
Source l port
Rename an existing ipv6 diffserv class
To create and configure a diffserv policy:
Simple policy
Committed rate
Send. packets are forwarded unmodified. this is the default confirming action and the default violating action.•
To change the policy attributes for an existing diffserv policy:
Table 71. diffserv service statistics information (continued)
Change the password
Configure the global radius server settings
To configure the global radius server settings:
Manage device security
To add a primary radius authentication server to the switch and view the radius
Table 73. radius authentication server statistics information
Configure the global tacacs+ settings
Configure a tacacs+ server on the switch
Configure an http authentication list
None. the authentication method is unspecified. this option is only available for method 2 and method 3.8.
Local. the user’s locally stored id and password are used for authentication. •
Configure management access
To configure https settings:
Delete an ssl certificate
Download certificates
Ssl dh strong encryption parameter pem file
Http, secure http (ssl)
Configure port authentication
Guest vlan id
Unauthenticated vlan id
Resending eap
Server timeout
Table 76. port authentication status information
Table 77. port summary (continued)
To configure storm control settings:
Configure the global port security mode
Configure a port security interface
To configure port security settings:
Port security
Enable violation traps
Configure protected ports
To configure a private vlan type:
To configure the private vlan port mode:
To configure an acl:
Use the acl wizard to create an acl
Acl based on source ipv4 l port
Acl based onfields
Vlan. specify the vlan id to match within the ethernet frame.destination ipv4•
Source l port (value)
Configure a basic mac acl
Add a rule to a mac acl
Change the match criteria fora mac rule
Add an ip acl
Configure rules fora basic ip acl
Match every. from the match every
Src ip address
Add a rule for an extended ip acl
Action. select the acl forwarding action, which is one of the following -
Configure ipv6 acl
Match every. select whether all packet must match the selected ipv6 acl rule:-
Src. in the src
Flow label. the flow label
Monitor the system
Table 87. switch statistics
Table 87. switch statistics (continued)
Enable. spanning tree is enabled for this port.•
Table 89. detailed port statistics (continued)
Table 91. cable test information
Manage the memory logs
Table 91. cable test information (continued)
Emergency (0)
Message log format
Manage the flash log
Error (3). a device error occurred, such as a port being offline.-
Manage the server log
Add a remote syslog host
Modify the settings fora remote syslog host
Format of the messages
Configure port mirroring
Table 93. event logs information
Maintenance 387
Maintenance 388
Crash logs. specify the crash logs to retrieve them.7.
To export a file from the switch to a usb device:
Maintenance 392
To download a file to the switch from a tftp server:
Maintenance 393
Ssl trusted root certificate pem file
Text configuration
Download a file from a usb device
Maintenance 397
Maintenance 398
Maintenance 401
Table 94. dual image status information
To send an ipv6 ping:
Global. pings a global ipv6 address.•
None. the source address of the ping packet is the address of the default egress interface.•
Maintenance 405
Maintenance 406
Interface. the interface that must be used for the traceroute. with this selection, the interface
To send an ipv6 traceroute:
Remote diagnostics
Maintenance 410
Caution:make sure that the write core
Maintenance 411
Vlan configuration examples
Mac acl sample configuration
Sequence number
Standard ip acl sample configuration
Differentiated services (diffserv)
Creating policies
Traffic conditioning policy
Marking cos (802.1p)
Figure 1. x authentication roles
Mstp example configuration
Switch 1. 4096•
Vlan routing interface configuration example

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