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CompactLogix or MicroLogix Platform
Enhanced Generic ASCII Serial Communication Module April 24, 2017 USER MANUAL

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MVI56E-GSC/GSCXT User Manual April 24, 2017
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Important safety information
China rohs hazardous material declaration table
Agency approvals and certifications
Start here 9
Mvi56e-gsc configuration
Diagnostics and troubleshooting
Reference 73
Support, service & warranty
Rslogix™ software:
What's new mvi56e products are backward compatible
What's different
System requirements
Deployment checklist
Part name part number
Installing the module in the rack
Note: if you insert the module improperly, the system may stop working or may behave unpredictably. note:
Elect for pcb
Onstruct cip
Example 2: remote rack application - cipconnect no download
Ownload from
Before you begin
Ile menu, and then choose n
Parameter value
Ontroller o
Asks folder, and then expand the m
Note: the key switch on the front of the controllogix processor must be in the rem
Value description
Reading status data from the module
The diagnostics menu
Monitoring module information
Monitoring backplane information
Data analyzer
Character definition
Scrolling led status indicators
Initialization error messages
Operation message
Non-scrolling led status indicators
Controllogix processor not in run or rem run
Module errors
Product specifications
General concepts
Module status
Port 2 byte offset
Port 2 status
Special function blocks
Port 1 byte offset
Using the sample add-on instruction
Using the optional add-on instruction
Thernet controller tag as follows. 3
To determine the firmware version of your processor
To change the slot number
Note: the key switch on the front of the controllogix module must be in the rem
Adding the sample ladder to an existing application
Code description
Rj-45 pin rj-45 pin
Internet website email address asia pacific
Warranty information
Ffunctional specifications • 74 g

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