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equipments from the power before connecting

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equipments from the power before connecting.
Satellite Receivers are delicate pieces of digital equipment that performs quite complex functions. Occasionally they can lockup for no apparent reason. If this happens to your receiver, simply unplug the receiver. Then plug receiver back in and reboot. If problem persists please contact Ross helpline Preparing your Remote Control
Your Remote Control requires 2 x AAA (LR) batteries to operate (not supplied. Open the cover on the rear of the Remote Control by sliding it downwards and insert two batteries taking care to observe the polarity markings inside the compartment TV Format Set-Up
You are now ready to switch on and adjust your dish to complete alignment (for this refer to the separate instructions. Switch on your TV and plugin your Satellite Receiver then proceed as follows:–
• Press the POWER button on your Remote Control to turn the unit on.
• If a Mode not supported message appears on your TV - You need to alter the Receiver resolution to match the resolution of your TV – The factory default is 720p.

The Resolution is changed by pressing the V For button on your remote control. Select between pp, pi and P TV Resolutions as required. Pis the highest available resolution for Satellite HD channel reception.
NOTE: The TV may flicker or the picture disappear briefly when changing resolution

Make sure your TV source is set to receive the signal from your Receiver.
NOTE: If you are using this Receiver in conjunction with a pre-installed dish which is
already aligned to ASTRA/EURO1 then after the unit has powered up you will see TV being
displayed. At this point press the OK button and your Channel list should be displayed
showing all the programmes that were loaded onto the receiver during manufacture. Your

User manualmodel number
Make sure the lnb cable outer is earthed.•do not
Pause: pauses live tv, or movie playback. v-for:
Receiver is now ready to use
Note: if you change the selected satellite you
Note: changing this setting from, for example,
Note: this feature will only work if the channel lock has been set to yes in
Note: the various program edit functions are also available when you are in ra-
Aspect ratio
Caution: some tv’s will not accept the p hz setting and you may loose the
Note: you can press timer button to enter
Channel name.•start date:
Subtitle language:
Note: if you change the password remember to write down the new
Note: if you carryout a factory reset it will restore original channel lists,
Delete all channels
Note: you can access this feature directly by
Note: music will continue playing when selected, and will continue to play
Recordings can be done in 3 ways:
If you have problems with the set top box, please consult the table below
Input frequency:

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