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NOTE: Changing this setting from, for example

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NOTE: Changing this setting from, for example,

ALL to FTA will reduce the number of Programmes

stored as it will remove encrypted programmes

This will make the task of editing / sorting

programmes easier.

5.1.3 Scanning Finally Press the BLUE Button to commence scanning. You will be asked if you wish to delete existing channels. If scanning on ASTRA2A,2B,2D
which has a preinstalled list, it is recommended you do not delete channel lists, but if using alternative satellites then this will allow you to remove current channel lists. Channel lists can be restored to default by a simple return to factory settings (see The third bar down indicates progress of the scan and TV and Radio channels will show as they are found. A full scan could takeover minutes to complete.
Once scan is completed, press the OK button to save the channels DB Management
This section allows you to save and load channel databases. This function is so you can backup your personalized channel lists during software updates and also update channel lists from a downloaded database.
Please check for updates, this will allow you to have the latest channel lists without needed to scan and manage yourself.

User manualmodel number
Make sure the lnb cable outer is earthed.•do not
Pause: pauses live tv, or movie playback. v-for:
Receiver is now ready to use
Note: if you change the selected satellite you
Note: this feature will only work if the channel lock has been set to yes in
Note: the various program edit functions are also available when you are in ra-
Aspect ratio
Caution: some tv’s will not accept the p hz setting and you may loose the
Note: you can press timer button to enter
Channel name.•start date:
Subtitle language:
Note: if you change the password remember to write down the new
Note: if you carryout a factory reset it will restore original channel lists,
Delete all channels
Note: you can access this feature directly by
Note: music will continue playing when selected, and will continue to play
Recordings can be done in 3 ways:
If you have problems with the set top box, please consult the table below
Input frequency:

Directory: ross

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