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A High Fantasy Game of
Exploration, Conflict, and Intrigue
Rulebook Version 6.1.1

Game Content Design: Joshua Smith, Mary Schnebelen, Michael Miller, Hope
Bachman, Michael Mirabile, Cindy Brock, Chris Hughes, Valerie Hughes, Mark Shapiro, Jeremy Lister, Charles McDowell, Nikki Duquette, TJ Mazzuchi, Nick Mirabile
Rulebook Design: Cindy Brock, Chris Hughes, Mary Schnebelen, Joshua Smith
Rules Design: Michael Miller, Michael Mirabile, Mark Shapiro, Chris Hughes, Joshua Smith, Joshua Rosenthol
Cover Art: Mary Schnebelen
Interior Art Hope Bachman and Cindy Brock
Website: Amy DeVann
Character Database Design: Mark Shapiro
Accelerant Core Rules: Rob Ciccolini

Welcome and thanks for picking up the
Numina rulebook. Numina, if you are not aware already, is an Accelerant
LARP and you are taking your first steps into our world. The game is a labor of love artfully crafted by a number of creative minds working in concert. What you, the reader will find below is the world of Rues where you are an inhabitant. Trials, tribulations, discoveries…all of that and more await you. Before you delve into learning more about the game itself, I would like to make a few things clear which may not be apparent from the outset.
Numina is a game, plain and simple. It is a work of fantasy and should remain as such. We do not espouse belief in the fake religions detailed therein or believe that Elves, Alved, the Empire, or the Nomad Tribes are real. We trust that all players are mature enough to handle the fantasy religion and concepts that shall be played out in this game. If any of this makes you uncomfortable then perhaps our game is not for you. If you are still with us then congratulations, years of fun await you.
Player interaction is very important and you will be playing the part of a protagonist in our little tale. Even so please understand that our game is not designed with the intent of player vs. player combat. If you wish to show up and assail other players you will quickly discover that there are dire consequences from both plot and the player population. This is not to say that PvP will never happen but that is not the purpose of this game.
Lastly I would like to take a moment to say thank you to the many people who have made this game possible. I apologize if this ends up looking like the insert of a CD. First thanks to Rob
Ciccolini for creating the Accelerant System and rekindling my love of
LARPing. Thanks to my roommate for kindly letting 8-18 people invade our home on any given weekend. Thank you to my design team. All of you have been invaluable and I am humbled to have had such help. Thanks to anyone who I have not mentioned that has given help along the way. And lastly I would like to thank you, the reader for validating the time invested in creating this game.
Once again welcome to our world and we can’t wait to see you in-game.
Joshua Smith‐Numina GM

4 Welcome to Fortune's Bend, the new and exciting addition to the continent of Rues. The acquisition of Fortune's Bend came about in a most unusual and providential manner. In fact, its revelation has been named a Miracle by the Examiners in the High Church of
Inlyrico, the first event in centuries to earn the title and each time we believe we understand the totality of that miracle, new facets are revealed. Fortunes Bend is located in Pyredown, the Imperial Seat, near the source of the
Alentina River and the Batterklast mountain range. One of the many vicious summer storms that plague the mountain region set loose a rockslide of enormous proportion that by the benevolence of the gods not only spared the small towns and villages below, but diverted the Alentina into anew and prosperous course. Just at the point where the river takes its new turn, the old riverbed has dried to reveal remarkable wonders, hidden from the eyes of the Purposed Races for countless ages. The nature and importance of the new discoveries will take decades to understand. As the ground has grown stable enough to support digging, hints of an ancient civilization have been uncovered. Early reports from the explorers indicate that many of the artifacts and buildings are likely to have weathered the ages well, as they were encased in a rock or mudslide before the river began to flow over them. It is likely you have already heard rumors about the other structure uncovered at Fortune's Bend, which seems to have survived the ages submerged below the angry current with no ill effects. You may know or have heard of someone who, upon passing from the world, was not put back into the Tallow Man's pot. Instead, they returned to themselves and continued to live, often to an old age. Many who have made this unusual journey speak of passing through a portal where they are spoken to by Death before being allowed to return to the world. The chamber uncovered in Fortune's Bend resembles the descriptions of this portal, covered in carved moths and glowing a faint purple. It would seem that, after being shrouded in mystery since the beginning of time, the entrance to Death's Realm has been found. The town has proven to be a treasure trove for scholars of the Shade, who have identified it as a fulcrum point for affecting that strange land. A treasure trove for scholars of all stripes, really, for Isou University has opened an Annex there, where classes are offered and the findings of the town examined. For those whose interests run in less ethereal directions, Fortune's Bend still has a great deal to offer. It is the only neutral territory in Rues, a place where anyone from any nation, or any number of nations, can meet for discussion. It was agreed by all parties that signed the treaty of neutrality that the protection of the area was paramount to any national claim of ownership, and care of the land and gate has been left in the hands of those who hold the Pact with the Lady of Moths. Regardless, Fortune's Bend is of great interest to the palaces of Pyredown and Tor Mythra, and those who find

5 ways to shine during their residence or employment there will surely gain notice and favor. Look now, at the heroes who reside there, who held fast as Ravvin tried to destroy Rues. They are the beacon of hope who stood strong against the tide of
Undead, and now we look to with the new challenges of the world after
Ravvin. It is clear that the Genesori uncovered Fortunes Bend fora reason, and it will be up to the pious and the courageous to discover the town's secrets. The
Batterklast Mountains have always been a haven for the fell beasts of Rues, and they threaten the hardy settlers who have begun to explore the miracle that we have been given. However, these settlers endure the hardship, for when the wonders of Fortune's Bend make it the next great city in the empire, their names will be remembered, their deeds celebrated. Welcome then, to Fortune’s Bend, and may you be blessed each day that you remain here.

You are preparing to enter a game world using the Accelerant system. The system is designed to be simple in concept and execution, yet have a rich and varied set of skills and abilities with which to develop characters and stories. To do this we have created a set of Core Rules that defines all of the effects of the game and presents them to you within the first chapter of the rule book. All skills and special abilities refer back to these Core Rules, so once you have learned the Core Rules you know how to react to effects from any Accelerant game, even though the skills or abilities that allow a character to use those effects maybe very different.

Rules of etiquette
Always in game
Safety restrictions
Carrying a character
No alcohol or drugs
Prop restrictions
Game environment
Turn back markers
Melee attacks
The flurry rule
The proximity rule
Rule of etiquette
Missile attacks (props)
Touch delivery
Search response
The "death" effect
Spirits of the dead
Final death
You are well rested
Beneficial effects
Grant...beneficial effect
Grant extra...
Beneficial effect
Refresh...beneficial effect
Repair...beneficial effect
Speakbeneficial effect
Attack traits
Elemental traits
Metabolic traits
Special traits
Elude, guard, shield
Defense traits
Contact poison
Verbal modifiers
Double and triple
An unbiased introduction to the
Religionthe five churches of rues
Garioch, the
Koreel, keeper of
Severrin, the
Jormic, the omniscient
Istarum, the
Human racial skill
Elven racial skill
Spirit touched racial skills
Lupidae racial skills
Dana’re racial skills
Urubér racial skills
Erevu racial skills
Cascada racial skills
Avani racial skills
Ildri racial skills
Mystral racial skills
Soulbound racial skills
Shadowgeist racial skills
Ghostwalker racial skills
Sorian racial skills
Vecura racial skills
The underholme
Alved racial skills
Ereskial racial skills
Pyredown, the
Pyredown cultural skills
Inlyrico cultural skills
Braeic cultural skills
Shiaran cultural skills
Anbaran cultural skills
Brechtish cultural skills
Federation cultures
The laws of harmonious
Manu: caste of the hand
Manu cultural skills
Oros: caste of the mouth
Oros cultural skills
Arcos: caste of the mind
Arcos cultural skills
Prian: caste of the heart
Prian cultural skills
Valar: caste of the body
Valar cultural skills
Delago: the casteless ones
Nomadic cultures
Mehrdahd’i cultural skills
Vascoll cultural skills
Wild nation cultural skills
Character creation
Purchasing headers
Devout specialist headers are friar, martyr, and monkfighter
Devout core headers
Fighter core
Prerequisite: buckler
Mage core headers
Rogue core headers
Prerequisite: florentine
Scholar core
Excavator 2
Specialist headers
Prerequisite: ability to manifest
Fighter specialist
Prerequisite: wear fine armor
Mage specialist
Prerequisite: infusion
Prerequisite: alter arcane element
Rogue specialist
Prerequisite: celerity
Mageslayer 3
Prerequisite: dual wield
Scholar specialist
Hidden headers
Gaining magic
Spells of anima
Spells of elemental 2
Spells of entropy 2
Spells of essence 2
Spells of illusion 2
Spells of providence 2
Spells of universal 2
Gariocho – madness, earth d - shapingistarum
May make me a channel
May ease and abolish your
May expunge all elements
May embolden my allies
Grace me with the divine glow of
May mend your bones.
Prayers to garioch
By garioch’s will you are free
May garioch mend your body and take
Garioch’s anger
Garioch saps your drive and vigor.
Prayers to istarum
By istarum’s will you are free
Istarum commands you stop!
Istarum saps your drive and vigor.
Istarum deems you should be quiet
Istarum orders you to lay down arms.
Prayers to jormic
May i be wreathed in jormic’s
May jormic grant me absolution from
Jormic grant me sanctuary and peace.
Jormic, grant me vision.
May jormic hold you fast in place.
Prayers to koreel
Koreel, let me travel to my ally.
Join me in koreel’s communion.
Koreel send these whispers through the
We are avengers of koreel
By koreel, i am the wind.
Koreel smite the unworthy!
Koreel commands you stop!
Koreel hinders the pursued.
May koreel hold you fast in place.
May koreel invigorate and strengthen
You are revived with the benediction of
May severrin mend your body and take
Severrin set right the cycle.
Severrin rust and decay this
Severin steal your life for me
Severrin diminish this abomination!
Can i play numina?
Why should i pre-
What if i show up after
How do i check out?
What is maintenance?
How do i use creation
Recipes, schematics, and
Creating items from
How do i use information
What’s my level?
How do i get more cps?
How do i write ab bsummary letter?
How do i submit ab bcharacter history?
What do you want in a character
Should i include my whole life
Can be a king, secretly?
Weapon construction
Step two create the core
Step four add cross guards
Step six add a thrusting tip
Step seven cover with tape
A note about weapon materials

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