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For a positive and comprehensive approach to health and sexual health

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For a positive and comprehensive approach to health and sexual health,
we need

To integrate testing and counselling in conjunction with vaccination and screening for hepatitis and other STIs (added value followup. To integrate testing and counselling in conjunction with other sexual health services (e.g. contraception. Good training for the staff. Interdisciplinary staff and/or strong partnerships. To gather information about individual and social unfavorable situations for better sexual health. To advocate fora better sexual life. Work to improve the health coverage in the public health system by the development of partnerships with prevention and care services.

24 State authorities should not use the communities mobilization as a pretext for not acting at their own level. CBVCT must be included as part of a global plan and as a tool to reach most-at-risk populations. Using either community services or institutional health services must be a personal decision.
For wider national or regional scaling up of the HIV testing offer, the most forward thinking

CBVCT services or programmes may support other organizations that cover different locations or work with other communities by sharing their best practices. Nonetheless, given the financial fragility of most
NGOs and complex national contexts, such capacity building/sharing is not always possible and unfortunately not often supported by institutional funders.

June 2017 2
Theoretical framework regarding the implementation of cbvct .......................... 12
The main objective of this document
How this guide was created.
Definition, objectives and methodology of this guide
How this document should be used.
The objectives of this guide are
The methodology and sources of information used for
European and non-european guidelines
We can state that this document was created from existing experiences in european cbvct centers
A few caveats
Health & sexual health promotion approaches
What is health promotion
Community-based approach – community health
Cbvct in scaling up strategies
Community-based approach
Quality assurance approach
The european quality instrument for health promotion (equihp)
Quality assurance
Figure 1 - dynamics of health promotion projects
Easier access to testing by taking the needs of hard-to-reach populations into
Community based vct can have an impact on three levels:
To foster cbvt accessibility for most-at-risk and hard- to-reach populations,
To be compatible with people’s daily lives, cbvct should
To guarantee sustainability, cbvct services need to
Cbvct implementation among and with populations
Fixed or mobile cbvct programmes should consider
Staff and people involved in cbvct
Items sub-items
Cbvct practices
Before the test
C) after the test
Negative result
Support after positive result
Confidentiality, anonymity, privacy
System for conducting assessments of service quality at cbvct centres
Consistency with health promotion principles
Project management
Appendix 1: ten main principles to guide member states as they endeavor to scale up hiv
Appendix 2: self-evaluation tool
How do we encourage participation in the self-assessment?
Preparing the materials
Filling in the self-assessments grids
Our project forms partnerships to help ensure a global response
Scale of the self-
The cbvct project is based on a participative analysis of
The healthcare services that are being offered are adapted
Regarding your practice …
Our organisation / project is developing its ability to
Regarding your practice…

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