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Safety Rules for Knife
Juniors should be trained in the proper use of a knife. Every class or group should have a set of rules to govern members who wish to carry and use a knife. This should be accepted and enforced so any infringement or breaking of the rules will result in the member forfeiting his or her privilege to carry this equipment fora given period. The best way to select the rules is to have each member bring a set often rules to the meeting. From these lists choose ten that best fit your needs. Following are some suggestions

1. When not in use, keep your knife in its sheath.
2. Never put a wet knife away in the sheath.
3. Never use your knife as a screwdriver.
4. Do not hammer the back of the blade when cutting wood.
5. Never clean a knife by jabbing it into turf or grass. The blade edge will be spoiled.
6. Cutaway from your body.
7. Don't use your knee as a bench when cutting an object with a knife.
8. Keep your knife sharp.
9. Keep fingers out of the way.
10. Do not poke around in afire with your knife, as excessive heating will destroy its temper.
11. Choose a rough-handled knife so that you can maintain a good grip. Tie five speed knots.

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