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Electrical Don'ts
Your Main Earth Wire -Every house MUST have a main earth wire or ground. The earth wire is usually connected to a water pipe or a metal rod driven into the ground. It is extremely important that this earth wire is properly secured and maintained. (Anything electrical is dangerous. This is a specialized area for experienced electricians only)
Overhead wires are dangerous - Keep impressing on children the danger of

going near overhead wires. If a kite or other object lodges in overhead wires, tell children to leave it there and let Dad get it. Be careful yourself - especially when painting or carrying out repairs near electrical poles and connections.
Fallen Wires Are Dangerous -Remember the Safety Rules
1. Stand well clear.
2. Stand guard and prevent other people approaching the wires.
3. Send someone to call the electricity department or police. Each broken wire has two ends - both maybe alive.
If You Don't Know - Most electrical fatalities are caused by meddling with appliances, wrongly wired plugs, makeshift leads, homemade hand lamps. Be wise, play safe and get a competent electrician to do the job.
Even a Slight Tingle - The slightest shock is your warning that something is wrong with an installation or appliance. Don't ignore it immediately switch off the electricity and pullout the plug. Call your electrician or electricity department at once.
Don't Meddle with the Power Still on - Prying open points, attempting to adjust or repair any appliance or plug while it is still connected to the power point, is inviting disaster. You expose yourself to great danger by meddling with electrical equipment. Disregard of elementary precautions is the cause of most accidents. Be wise and leave all repairs to your electrician.
Power Appliance to a Light Socket - Moveable electrical appliances must be grounded. Never plug into alight socket, or extend your lead with two core flex. Use only three-coreflex, wired correctly to a three-pin plug, and plug into a grounded three-pin power point. If you are in doubt ask your electrician or the electricity department.

Program or
The pathfinder pledge
The pathfinder law is for me to.
Method of testing
Class periods:
Teaching methods
Suggestions for the weekly review of the memory gems
Our relationship to jesus
Comparisons of human nature
Class periods
Teaching method
Options for sterilizing
Some methods of using a tarpaulin to make a camp shelter
The overhand knot
Two half hitches
Additional teaching methods for proficiency are
Suggested programs
Water safety
C. where danger lurks
D. when in difficulties
E. protect yourself and others
G. throwing a rescue line
Faulty electrical installations
Pathfinder club hall safety
Pitch and strike a tent correctly
Resource pathfinder field guide. method of testing
Lighting the fire
Care of matches
Safety rules for axe
Safety rules for knife
Knot tying one

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