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Camp out Review OT. books
18, 19 Review Ps. 23 and Ps. 46 24 Review Daniel 1:8 43 Build camp shelter, discuss Jesus as our Shelter
54 Bake, boil, fry, camp food

Complete Assignment Early Writings Events
26 Reports on results of 2 hours service

Memory Gem exam

Beginner's Swimming Honor
(Caution this may require several special sessions)
Early Writings Crossword
30 Check Honors and see work is complete
50, 46, 88 Check on The Happy Path reading – complete
Check on Book Club reading
– complete
10 Safety rules
- knife and axe
83 Table Manners

! $

1. Be 10 years old and/or in Grade 5 or its equivalent.
2. Bean active member of the AJY Society or Pathfinder Club
3. Memorize and explain the Pathfinder Pledge and Law.
4. Read the book The Happy Path (or similar book on the Pledge and Law.
5. Have a current Book Club Certificate.
1. Know, sing or play, and explain the meaning of the Pathfinder Song.
$ %
1. Memorize the Old Testament books of the Bible and know the five areas into which the books are grouped. Demonstrate your ability to find any given book.
2. Have a current memory gem certificate.
3. Know and explain Psalm 23 or Psalm 46.
4. During several worship periods, read with your parents the historical prologue to the book Early Writings and list the main events of the SDA church or fulfill other options as mentioned on page 26.
1. Complete the crossword puzzle based on the prologue to Early Writings.
2. In consultation with your leader choose one of the following Old Testament characters Joseph, Jonah, Esther or Ruth. And discuss with your group, Christ's loving care and deliverance as shown in the story.
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1. By consultation with your leader, workout ways to spend at least two hours expressing your friendship to someone in need in your community by doing any two of the following a. Visit someone who needs friendship. b. Help someone in need. c. With the help of others spend a half day on a community, school, or church project.
2. Prove yourself a good citizen at home and at school.

1. Bring at least two visitors to Sabbath School or Pathfinder meetings.

1. List ten qualities of being a good friend, and discuss four everyday situations where you have practiced the "Golden Rule"
2. Know your National Anthem and explain its meaning.
1. Demonstrate good table manners with a group of persons of various ages.
1. Complete the following a. Discuss the temperance principles in the life of Daniel, or participate in a presentation or role play on Daniel 1. b. Memorize and explain Daniel 1:8, and either sign the appropriate pledge card or design your own pledge card showing why you choose a lifestyle in harmony with the true principles of temperance.
2. Learn the principles of a healthful diet and engage in a project preparing a chart of basic food groups.
3. Complete the honor in Beginner's Swimming.
1. HIV/AIDS curriculum
( '

1. Plan and take a three hour or 8 km Hike. Plan to complete a requirement under the Nature Study or Outdoor Life sections or a Nature Honor.

1. Complete one of the following honors Cats, Dogs, Mammals, Seeds, Bird Pets.
2. Know different methods of purifying water and demonstrate your ability to build a camp shelter. Consider the significance of Jesus as the water of life and as our refuge place.

1. Know and identify ten wildflowers and ten insects in your area.

1. Know how ropes are made and demonstrate how to care for rope in the correct manner. Tie and know the practical use of the following knots Overhand, Granny, Square, Slip, Double Bow, Two Half Hitches, Clove Hitch, Bowline.
2. Participate in an overnight CAMPOUT.
3. Pass a test in general safety.
4. Pitch and strike a tent and make a camp bed.
5. Know ten hiking rules, and know what to do when lost.
6. Learn the signs for track and trail. Be able to lay a 2 km. trail that others can follow and be able to track a 2 km. trail.
1. Start afire with one match, using natural materials, and keep that fire going.
2. Properly use the knife and axe, and know ten safety rules in their use.
3. Tie five speed knots.
4. Demonstrate baking, boiling and frying camp food.
- .

1. Complete one Honor in Arts and Crafts.
1. Complete one Honor in Vocational or Outdoor Industries.

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