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Participation Prove yourself a good citizen at home and school

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Participation Prove yourself a good citizen at home and school.
Class Periods: One
To give study to those character qualifications that are vital to the Christian young person's influence at home and at school.
Teaching Method
Discuss with your group the following thoughts about citizenship at home and at school. You are going to be a manor woman in a very few short years. What kind of manor woman do you want to be Look around and find the qualities you would like to see in yourself. First you will want to be as fit and active as your body will allow you to be. The person who can't jump up and run a errand for his mother because he is too tired, is not of great value in the home. Second you will want to complete the errand to the best of your ability. If the shop doesn't have the article you have been asked to purchase, then you will choose the nearest alternative, or try the shop down the road. So in this simple task are some of the qualities of a good citizen
Obedience you act promptly.
Self reliance you knew whereto go and how to get there.
Thoughtfulness you were only asked once.
Dependability you certainly carried out your job.
Cooperation you would help anyone to the best of your ability. What other qualities do you see around you in other people Your father's devotion to the family your religious leader's understanding your teacher's enthusiasm. Why is it necessary to become a good citizen You area part of your country, and as you grow up you will want to take your share of what life has to offer you. What you take and give will depend on the qualities that you put to work for yourself.

Be a thinking citizen, not a thoughtless one. Keep yourself informed of the happenings of the day, in your own community, your country, and throughout the world. Learn how your country, your state, your city, town or shire is governed and how you fit into the government. Discover where the government is strong and where it is weak. Do your part as a citizen in the big task of upholding its strengths and overcoming its weaknesses. In many countries, Pathfinders are considered model citizens. What can you do to strengthen that reputation in your country Be prepared to do your part in smaller tasks - in such everyday things as obeying traffic regulations, observing the rules of the game when you play, and many other things. Your teachers have a great responsibility and have a big influence in your life. What is their responsibility There are many different teachers who teach many subjects at all levels of our educational growth kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, technical school, university and adult education. Teachers respond to the interest you show in the subject. Therefore your desire to learn and advance will encourage the teacher to give of his best to help you. Discuss the following questions
1. Give the rights and responsibilities of a citizen of your country.
2. Describe what you can do as a citizen to help your church and country.
3. Go through the steps of an individual acquiring citizenship in the country and learn how this is done.
4. Know how to explain the process of government in your country.
5. Explain why laws are established in your country. These questions are part of the Christian Citizenship Honor)

Program or
The pathfinder pledge
The pathfinder law is for me to.
Method of testing
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