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Method of Testing
Participating in the worships or other planned activity. No written testis required.
Early Writings, E. G. White

Find and circle the hidden words. The clues are in the quiz above.

In consultation with your leader choose one of the following Old Testament characters Joseph, Jonah, Esther or Ruth, and discuss with your group, Christs loving care and deliverance as shown in the story.
Class Periods: One
To draw out the Friend's impressions of God's care in the lives of the characters in these Old Testament stories and to discover how they point to and parallel the life and ministry of Jesus.
Teaching Methods
A. For Joseph and/or Ruth
Tell a condensed story of Joseph (Genesis 37 to 50) or Ruth (Book of Ruth) and write on the blackboard a list of the main events as listed below. Then explain to the juniors that many events in the lives of Old Testament characters point forward to the life of Jesus and our relationship to Him. Now ask the juniors to describe how each point demonstrates what Jesus did when he lived on this earth.

Program or
The pathfinder pledge
The pathfinder law is for me to.
Method of testing
Class periods:
Teaching methods
Suggestions for the weekly review of the memory gems
Our relationship to jesus
Comparisons of human nature
Class periods
Teaching method
Options for sterilizing
Some methods of using a tarpaulin to make a camp shelter
The overhand knot
Two half hitches
Additional teaching methods for proficiency are
Suggested programs
Water safety
C. where danger lurks
D. when in difficulties
E. protect yourself and others
G. throwing a rescue line
Safety in the home
Faulty electrical installations
Pathfinder club hall safety
Pitch and strike a tent correctly
Resource pathfinder field guide. method of testing
Lighting the fire
Care of matches
Safety rules for axe
Safety rules for knife
Knot tying one

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