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Method of Testing
Repeat from memory the psalm of your choice and successfully show your understanding of this psalm. During several worship periods, read with your parents the historical prologue to the book Early Writings and list the main events of the founding of the SDA church.
Class Periods Two
To help the Friends understand the background of events that occurred during the establishment of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Teaching Methods
The prologue begins on page VII and concludes on page XXXll. It is divided into 19 short segments that could adapt well to family worship. These could also serve for club worship, A Y Society study and panel discussions, etc. It is hoped that by the end of the readings each student would be able to successfully complete the student's questionnaire consisting of eleven basic questions which are covered in the Historical Prologue. In some countries an audiovisual program on this time period is available, if it is available in your area, it maybe utilized as a substitute or enrichment. The program maybe known as The Midnight Cry or other similar title.

Following is a choice of two different quizzes which should be administered to Friend candidates after they have studied the Historical Prologue to the book Early Writings. It is suggested that this would be a good way to evaluate the knowledge gained during the fulfillment of this requirement.
1. The Seventh-day Adventist church was born out of a worldwide movement known as (The Great Advent Awakening. In North America, this movement was led by a New York farmer-minister named (William Miller.
2. Careful study of prophecies in the book of (Daniel) Caused William Miller to arrive at the conclusion that (Christ would return to earth) In about the year (1844).
3. Following the (Disappointment of October 22) many believers and ministers dropped away.
4. Ellen Harmon received her first vision only (two months) after the disappointment, she saw a (bright light) At the beginning of along (pathway) and(Christ) was leading) The people to the (City of God) .
5. Another denomination still surviving today born of this movement is the (Advent Christian Church. They differ from SDA's primarily on the doctrines of – (The Gift of Prophecy and the Sabbath.
6. A group study led by (Hiram Edson) were the first to correct the error regarding the cleansing of the (Sanctuary) because of a vision he had while (crossing a cornfield.
7. The Sabbath was first introduced to the Advent believers by (Rachel Oakes), who was a (Seventh-day Baptist) attending church with some believers in the small town of (Washington, New Hampshire.
8. Later, (Joseph Bates, a prominent minister also accepted the Sabbath truth and wrote a pamphlet which convinced (James) and (Ellen White) of the truth.
9. The first official publication by the Advent believers was called (The Present Truth. There were only (eleven) issues starting in July (1849) and ending in November 1850.
10. When the Whites moved to (Battle Creek) in 1855 they had already published several small books, a regular church journal which today we call (Adventist
Review) and a magazine for youth called (The Youth's Instructor).
11. It wasn't until 1860) That the name Seventh-day Adventist was settled on and then in 1863 the (General Conference) was organized.

The missing words in the next 15 statements will serve as keys to the crossword
puzzle for the Advanced Requirement 1.
1. The Great __________ ___________ was led by William ___________ in the United States where it was most widely received.
2. God sent His angel to move upon the ___________ of William Miller.
3. _______________ had a ___________ about a time prophesy during which
______ weeks were allotted to the Jewish Nation.
4. The starting point for this prophesy was the decree by King ___________ in the year 457 BC.
5. _______________ means "The Anointed One" who was to bring the _________ or "good news" which His followers were then to take to the whole world.
6. The time prophesy ended in the __________ of 1844 so when that time passed and nothing happened, believers suffered a great ______________.
7. At the beginning of the ______________ revealed to youthful Ellen was a bright light, identified by the angel as the ___________ Cry.
8. ______________ and a friend were crossing a cornfield to visit fellow Adventists it seemed as if a hand touched his shoulder.
9. A lady by the name of Rachel ________________ first brought truth about the
____________ to a group of believers in _________________ New Hampshire.
10. "The prophetic gift acted as a correction of error and a ______________ of truth.
11. Most of the key SDA doctrines were carefully studied and confirmed during
___________ Sabbath Conferences held in 1848.
12. Publishing began with a small paper called the _________Truth and was seen in vision as "streams of ___________ that went clear round the world"
13. Preaching of the gospel went through a transition based on the understanding of
2 texts "The _________ of mercy was ___________ “ and "I have set before thee an ________________ door, and no man can shut it"
14. The church began to organize based on a statement by an angel in vision who said "everything in heaven was in perfect ________________.”
15. Many consider the vision regarding the Great Controversy which Mrs. White received while at Lobett's ______________, Ohio, to be the most important revelation of her ministry.

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