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Resource "Remembering Bible Texts for Children" Publisher Scripture Union. Available from Christian Book Shops. Method of Testing

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"Remembering Bible Texts for Children" Publisher Scripture Union. Available from Christian Book Shops.
Method of Testing
Pass Memory Gem test provided by the Conference Youth Department. Know and explain Psalm 23 or Psalm 46.
Class Periods: Two
To know Jesus as Friend and Protector, and to discover personal meaning in the Scriptures.
Psalm 23: Probably the best known and best loved of all the psalms is Psalm 23, universally known as The Shepherd Psalm. It is at once the delight of childhood and the consolation of old age. It has been variously called The Pearl of Psalms, The Nightingale Psalm, The Shepherd's Song About His Shepherd, etc. Augustine noted that this psalm was the hymn of the martyrs. Undoubtedly more books and articles

have been written on this psalm and more poems and hymns composed on its theme than on any other of the psalms. It has a message for people of every age. But it is more than The Shepherd Psalm. It paints not only the picture of the tender Shepherd, leading His flock to rest and feed "in green pastures" "beside the still waters" and protecting them from the perils of the wilderness, but also the picture of the gracious Host, providing superabundance of food and solicitous care for His guest. The psalm closes with a profession of absolute confidence in Jehovah to lead His child lovingly through this life and to entertain him as His guest to the end of his days. The poem falls into three stanzas. The first two (vs. 1-3 and vA) present the ideas of loving guidance and protection the third (vs. 5,6) presents the idea of hospitality provided by a host. Psalm 23 has no touch of nationalism. It is universal in its appeal. The experiences of David as a shepherd in the ruggedness of the Judean hills, the later as a royal host in the opulence of the Oriental court in the capital city, surely fitted him for writing this sweetest of sacred lyrics.
Psalm 46: Has been designated Luther's Psalm because the greater reformer, who was accustomed to singing it in time of trouble, paraphrased it in his hymn, "A Mighty Fortress" No. 506 in The SDA Hymnal. The psalm is a glorious hymn on the theme that, in the midst of the upheavals of nations, God's people are safe. To express this theme, so pertinent also to the last days, the psalmist chose a form of verse unusually regular for Hebrew poetry. Three stanzas practically equal in length, with refrain and Selah appropriately placed, present pictures involving striking contrasts roaring waters and rocking mountains, and a quiet river nations in turmoil, and the earth melting at the voice of the Lord the desolation of war, and God ruling quietly above the nations. After a notable victory in the days of Jehoshaphat, the
Israelites sang this hymn (PK 201 and 203). Ps. 46, 47, 48 are closely related in thought and probably share the same background. That David was the author of Ps.
46 maybe inferred from PK 203. Oliver Cromwell, it is said, asked the people to sing this psalm, saying "That is a rare psalm fora Christian. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. If pope and devil set themselves against us, yet in the name of the Lord we shall destroy them. The Lord of hosts is with us, the God of Jacob is our refuge"
Ps. 46 was sung in Paris by the revolutionists of 1847; in India, by the hard-pressed British in the Sepoy rebellion. It may well be the hymn of God's people during the increasing perils of the last days.

Program or
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Method of testing
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