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Suggestions for the Weekly Review of the Memory Gems

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Suggestions for the Weekly Review of the Memory Gems
1. Repetition Review After having a few juniors say the verse for the day, call on all to say it together, then all the girls, then the boys, then perhaps the teachers. Close by having all say it together, and see if all can take part. If possible, continue until they can. (Always have reference repeated each time the verse is said)
2. Missing Word Review Write text clearly on board before meeting, and rub out about every second word, particularly any catch ones, and usually the first one, which is not always easy to remember. Ask different ones to supply the missing words, requesting that only the one asked should respond. In small groups members might be asked sometimes to come out and write in the word.
3. Competition Review When there are about equal numbers of girls and boys a line down the center of the blackboard, heading sides respectively GIRLS
- BOYS. Then put a mark for each one that correctly recites the verse for the day, under the proper heading, and see which side will win.
4. Word Review Have text repeated by two or three, or by all together once or twice, then ask for each one in rows to repeat the following word without hesitancy. Then move about from one to another, pointing to the one you wish to supply the word. Only the one to whom you point should respond but pass on fairly quickly, so that the review will be brisk and interesting.
5. Question Review Ask as many questions as you canon the texts understudy. In some instances two or three questions can be asked on one text, but mix them among questions on other texts. Request that answers be given if possible in the exact words of Scripture.
6. Text Bee Review Divide the group in about half. Then have members of one side call fora text or ask a question of a member on the other side. If answered, that side does the asking, if not, same side asks again. (Conduct something after the style of a Spelling Bee)
7. Surprise Reviews Have references to date written clearly on different slips of

folded paper. Give one to each member before meeting, asking them not to open until asked to do so. For review call names one by one, ask them to rise, open slip, and say the verse called for. The reference should be read aloud so that all can determine if the right text is quoted.
8. During another period write out the texts on slips of paper, as in No and have the references given in same way.
9. Reference Test Put on blackboard something like the following
_______ 29:11 Psalm ___:8 Isaiah __:12 Timothy 5:_
_______ 11: __
_____ __:58 Ask different ones to fill in as for "Missing Word" review.
10. Written Test Before the meeting put two or three questions on the board in clear script, and handout paper and pencil. Reveal questions on the board and ask all to try and answer them. Tell them it is not an examination, and that each person will correct his or her own answers.
11. Thought Review Put a thought from each verse on board, and ask members to tell which texts contain these thoughts or statements.
12. Bible Study Review Devote a meeting to full Bible Study review. This could be worked up in the form of a dialogue, or delivered as a study by one or more members of the society, the remaining members, or a few specially chosen ones, to form the audience. These could be encouraged to ask questions which it would be possible to answer with the texts learned.

Program or
The pathfinder pledge
The pathfinder law is for me to.
Method of testing
Class periods:
Teaching methods
Our relationship to jesus
Comparisons of human nature
Class periods
Teaching method
Options for sterilizing
Some methods of using a tarpaulin to make a camp shelter
The overhand knot
Two half hitches
Additional teaching methods for proficiency are
Suggested programs
Water safety
C. where danger lurks
D. when in difficulties
E. protect yourself and others
G. throwing a rescue line
Safety in the home
Faulty electrical installations
Pathfinder club hall safety
Pitch and strike a tent correctly
Resource pathfinder field guide. method of testing
Lighting the fire
Care of matches
Safety rules for axe
Safety rules for knife
Knot tying one

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