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1. Select participants a. Two Friends to hold the rope b. As many participants as desired
2. Participants will form one straight line behind a rope held immediately in front of them approximately 50 cm from the floor. Their Bible is to beheld sheathed) under their left arm.
3. Leader will give the commands "ATTENTION" "DRAW SWORDS" Friends quickly bring their right hand across their body - draw their sword Bible) and hold it in front of them, closed, waist high, ready to find the reference.
4. Leader announces the reference, e.g. "The Book of Psalms" (begin with the large well known books, or ask fora book from one of the sections, e.g. history, Poets. The exercise becomes more difficult as you call the Minor Prophets or ask for specific chapter and verse.
5. No Friend moves until the order is given "CHARGE. The rope is dropped to their feet while the Friends quickly find the reference, Immediately the reference is found, take one pace forward, keeping one hand on the open page of the Bible.
6. A ten second time limit is given from the command "CHARGE" to find the reference and step one pace forward. (Vary the time limit to suit the experience of your group)
7. The timekeeper will call "TIME" as the time limit expires. The rope will immediately be raised perhaps catching some Friends partway across.

They should return behind the line.
8. Each participant who steps across the line before the time limit is reached is a winner.
9. An appointed judge will inspect the references.
10. An award of two points can be given to each winner. See who is the first to get to twenty.
11. Leader shall call "ONE PACE BACKWARD MARCH" Rope keeper shall lower the rope and raise it again after the Friends have crossed it.
12. Leader shall call "SHEATH SWORDS. Friends quickly tuck their Bibles under their left arm and return right hand to their side.
13. Ready now to repeat activity from "DRAW SWORDS.
1. Leader - who gives commands prepare references before the meeting.
2. Two people to hold and drop the rope.
3. Two judges. One judge to watch the crossing of the rope, especially those who only get halfway when "TIME" is called. Second judge to check accuracy of references.
4. Timekeeper, who with stopwatch, or secondhand on wristwatch, calls "TIME.
5. Scorekeeper to keep track of scores.
4. Learn the Books of the Bible to Music
Happy Songs for Boys and Girls No. 115, available from ABC. Or the following Books of the Bible can be sung to the melody of "Battle Hymn of the Republic.
Verse 1
Gen-es-is & Exodus, Leviticus & Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth & Samuel. Kings, Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Psalms. Proverbs, Ecclesiastes.

Program or
The pathfinder pledge
The pathfinder law is for me to.
Method of testing
Class periods:
Teaching methods
Suggestions for the weekly review of the memory gems
Our relationship to jesus
Comparisons of human nature
Class periods
Teaching method
Options for sterilizing
Some methods of using a tarpaulin to make a camp shelter
The overhand knot
Two half hitches
Additional teaching methods for proficiency are
Suggested programs
Water safety
C. where danger lurks
D. when in difficulties
E. protect yourself and others
G. throwing a rescue line
Safety in the home
Faulty electrical installations
Pathfinder club hall safety
Pitch and strike a tent correctly
Resource pathfinder field guide. method of testing
Lighting the fire
Care of matches
Safety rules for axe
Safety rules for knife
Knot tying one

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