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Class Periods: One
This requirement could be worked into the opening exercises of each meeting. Sing the song then have a junior share some thoughts explaining a portion of it. If your group is small, have them give only part of the song atone time. Example, Oh, we are the Pathfinders strong" Then would follow an explanation of two minutes on how a Pathfinder is interested in and tries to develop a strong body, good health habits, good food, clean clear minds, etc.

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The purpose of the Bible Study section is twofold to familiarize the junior with the Old Testament and to recognize the Savior in its stories and introduce the Juniors to the beginnings of their church. Five half-hour class periods have been allocated for this section. Memorize the Old Testament books of the Bible and know the five areas in which the books are grouped. Demonstrate your ability to find any given book.
Class Periods: Two Plus out of class time to do memory work.
To help the Friend become acquainted with the location of the Old Testament books.

Program or
The pathfinder pledge
The pathfinder law is for me to.
Method of testing
Teaching methods
Suggestions for the weekly review of the memory gems
Our relationship to jesus
Comparisons of human nature
Class periods:
Class periods
Teaching method
Options for sterilizing
Some methods of using a tarpaulin to make a camp shelter
The overhand knot
Two half hitches
Additional teaching methods for proficiency are
Suggested programs
Water safety
C. where danger lurks
D. when in difficulties
E. protect yourself and others
G. throwing a rescue line
Safety in the home
Faulty electrical installations
Pathfinder club hall safety
Pitch and strike a tent correctly
Resource pathfinder field guide. method of testing
Lighting the fire
Care of matches
Safety rules for axe
Safety rules for knife
Knot tying one

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