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Thank you for requesting the instructions to make your very own “DIY Travel Ukulele. Before starting the steps to make this instrument, it is recommended that you read through all of the steps. That way, you will have a high level view of the process and will know the destination before you start. The parts for this project can be obtained at a home improvement store (Home Depot, Lowe's, etc, Radio Shack, and a music supply store (Stewart-Macdonald, Grizzly, CB. Gitty, etc. Throughout this project, if any questions or comments arise, feel free to email
Safety Always wear safety glasses or goggles when operating equipment. Everyday glasses or reading glasses are not safety glasses. Be certain the safety glasses you wear meet the appropriate standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI. Because there are various ways to cut and join wood, you can make substitutions for the methods stated in this plan. We try to suggest the easiest methods possible. However, only you know your skills with each piece of machinery. Never compromise your safety by using a cutting method with which you are not comfortable. Instead, find an alternative approach that will yield the same result. These instructions assume that you are intimately familiar with the safe operation and use of woodworking machinery and woodworking tools, and understand the techniques used to reproduce this project. If you do not qualify for both of these criteria, STOP building this project for your own
safety. Read and understand the owner’s manual for the machinery you intend to use, take a woodworking class or visit your local library for more information. Woodworking machinery and tools are inherently dangerous, because they use sharp edges that can and will cause serious personal injury including amputation and death. Do not underestimate the ability of these tools and machinery to cause injury. Never operate any tool without all guards in place and always wear approved safety glasses. For your own safety, please heed this warning. In short, be careful while doing this project. By using these instructions, you assume all risks associated with this project.

Needed parts (measurements are in inches, unless otherwise noted)
Needed supplies
Making sure the hardware and wood fits together is a nice thing to do before the wood is

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